Proposed options:

3-6 year-olds: half-day program 3 days/week w/ Learning Guide and assistant

6-12: Project-based, nature-based program w/ parent participation w/ lesson guides included & childcare co-op

12-18: Apprenticeships; Mentorships and Learning Coach "Karma Kollege" w/ industry experts, certifications/transcripts, letters of recognition, portfolios and CLEP tutoring opportunities

3-10: Monthly parent/child workshops with material-making

10-14: Online project-based website and partnerships

10 and up: Group projects, individualized skill-based training and project coaching/personal development program, clubs

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  • All ages

  • Parent education

  • 5 kids minimum in each age group

  • Cost-share/material share

  • Montessori/self-directed/play-based for younger children

  • Cultural Exchange/Diversity Priority/Emotional Intelligence/Inclusive

  • Project-based/self-directed/collaboration/real life skills for older children

  • Judicial board with equal votes for parents/children

  • Virtual w/ in-person (socially distanced) opportunities

  • A calendar/sample activities/lesson plans monthly

  • Record-keeping, mentoring, apprenticeship, career/curriculum/course consults for older children

  • Immersive language opportunities

  • Secular

  • Best for families in the Southeast; particularly GA/SC...based in CSRA but focused on SE regional involvement/exploration, eventual traveling

  • Flexible, self-paced, self-corrective