Patient Stories

"My back couldn't take the physical demands of my job with a moving company."

"My world turned upside down when my back finally couldn’t take the physical demands of my job with a local moving company. I have always been a strong and healthy person, but after years of lifting heavy furniture, including refrigerators and pianos, I was at the point where getting out of bed was a daily struggle. My body just couldn’t keep doing this type of work and I knew I had to make a job change. Finding a less physically demanding job in this economy and not having a college degree has been tough. I have been able to pick up some part time work, but nothing that offers me benefits. I sure hope one of these days I can find something with health insurance. I am a hard worker and don’t like to ask for help, but right now I don’t really have any choice. All of this stress in my life added to my blood pressure going high. With my family history of heart disease, I knew it was nothing I could mess around with. I went to the Free Clinic to see if I could get some help. They put me on a blood pressure medication that we have been monitoring. The volunteers at the Free Clinic are amazing and didn’t make me feel embarrassed about using The Free Clinic. The Free Clinic has literally saved my life by getting my blood pressure regulated."

~A Middle Aged Young Man

"A divorce left me in a position without health insurance."

"I am thankful that the Free Clinic was there for me after going through a divorce that left me in a position without health insurance. My children were covered under their father’s insurance plan, but since we were no longer married, I was not eligible. I am working to get health insurance, but it is going to take some time to get things figured out since I don’t earn enough money to purchase a private policy. I am hoping to go to school to earn a certificate to improve my employment situation. In the meantime, I am relieved to have a place to turn for medical attention when I need it. I am in good health overall, but I never know when something might come up that I need to see a doctor. The peace of mind the Free Clinic provides me is priceless during this transitional time in my life. I will get back on my feet and be in a better place than I am today. I believe in helping others, and look forward to returning the favor in ways that I can in the future."

~A Recently Divorced Mother

The Free Clinic is important to me because . . .

  • “Without it I would not be the person I am today. Thank you for all that everyone does each week”.

  • "I work a part time job, so I don’t have insurance and can’t afford healthcare or prescriptions. Having asthma and high blood pressure I would not be able to take care of this without the wonderful nurses and doctors at the Free Clinic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

  • “In these times, the clinic has kept me healthy."

  • “It is the only medical place where I can a doctor and get medications."

  • I am unable to afford medications on my income."

I am grateful to the Free Clinic because . . .

  • “They have kept me on track and healthy with managing my diabetes."

  • “I am able to get the medications I need to make it through each day with ease."

  • “The medications have helped me with everyday life to have a normal feeling day. No anxieties and able to get out of bed and get along with life."

  • “I don’t have health insurance, but I am still able to see a doctor to take care of my health needs."

Donor Stories

"I am proud of my former neighbors . . ."

"The recent newsletter concerning the Free Clinic was such a tribute to the folks who live in Pierce and St. Croix Counties! It is remarkable to care as much as these individuals, businesses and others care. Although I have been retired for 22 years in Florida, my heart remains in River Falls and i am proud of my former neighbors. Bless you all!"

Free Clinic Financial Donor

"I've been amazed at the passion and dedication . . ."

“United Way St. Croix Valley is proud to provide support for the Free Clinic of Pierce& St.Croix Counties. The Free Clinic provides essential health services for those that are uninsured and income eligible. I’ve been amazed at the passion and dedication of the many professionals who staff the weekly clinic. They saw a need in our communities and came together to meet that need."

John M. Coughlin, Executive Director, United Way St. Croix Valley

Volunteer Stories

Lynne: "The experience does as much for me as it does for the patients."

"I am a retired lawyer who, 7 years ago, started looking for a way to do something meaningful in a field outside of law. I found it when I discovered the great need for volunteers at the free clinic in Kansas City, where I then lived. On moving to Hudson in 2008, I came across a posting at the local library announcing a free clinic on Tuesday nights, and I knew I had found a way to continue to help provide this essential service to people who have no health insurance. The opportunity to assist the clinic -- by screening patients, helping patients apply for pharmaceutical companies' patients assistance programs, and preparing grant applications -- has connected me to the Pierce/St. Croix community and to other persons concerned about the welfare of our low-income neighbors in a profound way. I suspect that the experience does as much for me as it does for our patients. And for many of them, I know from their comments and their many gestures of appreciation that the free clinic has been, quite literally, a life saver when they have had no where else to turn. I'm proud to be a part of it."

Wayne: "It's an incredible service."

"I assist the pharmacists in the Free Clinic's dispensary with things like labeling and counting out medications. I was both surprised and impressed to realize that our patients not only are able to see a health care provider for free, they also receive their medications at no charge. It is one thing to see a doctor, and another to receive your medications immediately thereafter just by waiting a little longer. It's an incredible service that I doubt most people know about."