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In this Master Guide, I will be breaking down the three stages of Giants Keep, Basement 10 (GB10) teams from your first starter team to a fast team and finally speed teams.

After reading this guide you should have a good idea of what units you need to build for whatever stage of the game you’re at.

The goal of this guide is to get your GB10 team to a 100% success rate, ~40 second average runtime as efficiently as possible so you can really maximize on your rune farming and progress your Summoners War account as fast as possible.

Building a 100% success rate speed team isn’t about having overpowered natural 5-stars (nat 5’s), it’s all about having team synergy and the right rune builds.

Why Is Farming GB10 Fast and Efficiently So Important?

Giant’s Keep, Basement 10 (GB10) should be your first major goal in SW because runes are by far the most important thing to focus on, without great runes you won’t be able to succeed in any area of the game.

GB10 also drops some of the best rune types in the game that are usable in every aspect of the game, unlike other dungeons like NB10 which drop runes that are mostly only used in PvP content.

If you are a free-to-play player or only spend $30-$100 a month on in-game packs then you should be focusing on building a team with the highest success rate possible to maximize on the number of runes you get for your energy and crystals.

If you buy multiple packs every month or just have very little time to play Summoners War then you might want to consider speed as a more important factor to maximize your rune drops.

Starter Team (3 mins - 5 mins runs)

Who should build this kind of team: Anyone who is not currently able to farm GB10 on auto with above a 90% success rate should build this exact starter team.

If you already have I starter team capable of farming GB10 reliably, scroll down to either the Fast Team or Speed team sections.

Minimum Stats and Requirements:

  • HP: 17k+ for Non-Wind Mons and 15k+ for Wind Mons

  • Accuracy: 35% on important debuffers (Try to get 45% as that is the cap for accuracy in GB10 and will increase the success rate of your runs)

  • Speed: 170+ for important debuffers and healer

Most of your team should be built on Swift/Focus or Swift/Energy with Speed/HP%/HP% main stats on your slot 2/4/6 runes. You can replace an HP% rune with a Def% rune but make sure to get good HP% substats.

The best way to get these runes is to farm a lower floor of giants like GB6-8 till your mons reach the minimum requirements listed above.

You will also need to fully skill up all your mons otherwise your success rate will likely be too low to efficiently farm GB10.

Important Skills, Buffs, And Debuffs:

Cleanse – The main reason your team will wipe is because the tower will put defense break on your team and the giant will one shot them. Cleansing the defense break off your team is the most important thing you must do if you want to build a successful GB10 beginner team.

Heals – You will need a powerful healer to sustain your team, make sure your healer has strong heals. Don’t bring two healers because typically you will wipe because the giant one shot some of your team members, so you want to focus on damage reduction not healing.

Buff Strip – You will also need a buff striper to remove the attack buff off the giant boss, he will do much less damage without the attack buff and have no chance of killing anyone on your team unless there is defense break on them.

Attack Break – This debuff will significantly lower the giants attack power and make it even harder for him to kill anyone on your team.

Attack Bar Increase & Speed Buff – These buffs are very strong because they will give your team a few extra turns compared to the GB10 boss, they are especial important if you don’t have very high speed on your runes.

Defense Buff – This buff is very strong and will reduce incoming damage significantly. Defense buff, attack break, and buff strip are great fail safes to have because with all three of these up your team will be able to survive a hit from the GB10 boss even if you get unlucky enough to have the boss attack right after your team gets defense broken.

Defense Break – This debuff significantly lowers the giants defense allowing your team to kill him quicker. Without it you will wipe too often because it gives the boss more time to get lucky and land a powerful attack while your team is defense broken.

Continuous Damage – DoTs are important because they will be your main source of damage. They do 5% of the enemies max HP every turn and since the GB10 boss has so much HP it will speed up your runs quite a bit.

Optional: glancing hit, shield, attack speed slow, attack bar reduction, attack buff

Team Composition:

  • Veromos (Leader)

  • Belladeon

  • Bernard

  • Shannon

  • +1 Support (I highly recommend Darion)

Veromos, the Dark Ifrit

Veromos is one of the best mons to build for early game players for the following reasons:

  • +33% HP leader skill, early game you won't have any mons with good leader skills

  • Continuous damage on his first skill that does a lot of damage to high HP targets (like the giants boss)

  • An AoE stun on his second skill to help keep your team alive on trash waves

  • His passive removes one debuff from your whole team each time he takes a turn.

To get Veromos you have to fuse him via the fusion hexagram building. He should be your first or second 6* (you can 6* lapis for farming first) and he should be the first mon you fully skill up with devilmons.

There really are no alternatives to Veromos and I would not recommend trying to progress without him. While it is possible to farm GB10 and get through the game without him it’s simply inefficient to do so.

Full Veromos Monster Guide

Belladeon, the Light Inugami

Belladeon is the most important mon to your GB10 team.

  • She breaks the giants’ defense

  • Strips the giant's attack buff

  • Boosts your teams attack bar by 30%

  • Heals your team for 30% of their max HP

Belladeon is very easy to get and fully skill up. You can get her from a secret dungeon on Sundays which is light essence farming day. You can also skill her up by farming Garen Forest, Telain Forest, or Faimon Volcano. Just make sure to do hard or hell mode for higher inugami drop rates.

Do not try to replace Belladeon, while it is possible to do GB10 without her she is better than any other options while also being easy to obtain and great in other areas of the game.

Full Belladeon Monster Guide

Bernard, the Wind Griffon

Bernard is great for a starting GB10 team. He provides:

  • Backup defense break incase Belladeon doesn’t land it

  • Breaks the giant's attack power

  • Boosts your teams attack bar by 30%

  • Increases your teams' speed by 33% so you take more turns compared to the GB10 boss.

You get Bernard from doing the storyline quests and can easily farm skillups for him in Tamor Desert.

Bernard is another mon I would not recommend replacing because he is given to you for free, easy to build, and also very good for other content in the game including PvP even at high levels of guardian.

Shannon, the Wind Pixie

Shannon provides a ton of useful buffs and debuffs that the rest of this team is lacking.

  • Greatly reduces incoming damage by buffing your teams' defense

  • Increasing the giants chance to land a glancing hit

  • AOE attack speed slows the GB10 boss and crystals.

  • Gives your team an attack power buff so they do more damage.

Shannon is given to you through the story quest line and is also found in the magic shop so skilling her up will be very easy.

An upgrade to Shannon would be Megan, the Water Mystic Witch. Megan will provide the attack power and defense buff as well and instead of an attack speed slow Megan will boost your teams attack bar. The main reasons she is better than Shannon is she will strip the giants attack buff which is better than glancing debuff and her first skill does 5% of the bosses max HP in damage which will speed up your runs. If you happen to summon Megan early on and want to use her make sure you skill her up first because a fully skilled up Shannon is better than an unskilled Megan.

Full Shannon Monster Guide

Darion, the Light Vagabond

Darion is a great 5th member for your first GB10 team.

  • He is a backup defense and attack breaker

  • He also decreases all incoming damage by 20% for your other teammates.

You can get Darion from a secret dungeon on Sundays which is light essence farming day. Skilling up Darion is very easy since you can get Vagabonds from the magic shop and unknown scrolls.

You can replace Darion with any other support you may have pulled from scrolls. You want a support that will heal, remove harmful effects, and or reduces the damage your team takes.

Fast Team (1 min – 2 min 30 second runs)

After you have farmed GB10 for a while and improved your runes you can look at speeding up your runs by adding in one or two damage dealers.

Before you try to build a fast GB10 team make sure your team meets the stat requirements below, you will also need to have summoned or fused a good damage dealer.

Minimum Stats And Requirements:

  • Support Stats:

    • HP: 23k+ for Non-Wind Mons and 20k+ for Wind Mons

    • Def: 800-900 for Non-Wind Mons and 750-850 for Wind Mons

    • Accuracy: 45% on important debuffers

    • Speed: 190+ for important debuffers and healer

  • Damage Dealers:

    • HP: 16k+ for Non-Wind Mons and 14k+ for Wind Mons

    • Def: 600+

    • Speed: 130+

    • As much ATK, CRI Rate, and CRI Dmg as possible

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to meet the stat requirements, I break down exactly how to rune each monster for GB10 in my Rune Farming Guide.

Important Skills, Buffs, And Debuffs:

Cleanse – At this stage, you still have to rely on cleansing the defense break because you will not have the damage to kill the giants boss before he gets a turn.

Heals – You most likely will still need a healer with only one or two damage dealers.

Defense Break – This debuff is even more important for a fast team because you need to kill the boss quickly before your damage dealers die.

Attack Bar Increase & Speed Buff – These buffs are also more important for a fast team because your damage dealers will be built on high damage and low speed.

Have at least three of the following: Buff Strip, Attack Break, Defense Buff, Attack Speed Slow, Attack bar Reduction

The first step to building a fast GB10 team is to replace Darion or whoever your +1 support was with a damage dealer. When you are looking to add a second damage dealer you will either replace Shannon or Bernard depending on your runes, if your runes have good speed but lacking tankieness then replace Bernard if your runes are lacking speed then replace Shannon (If you have a skilled up Megan then use Megan because she has both an attack bar boost and defense buff).

Team Composition:

  • Veromos (Leader)

  • Belladeon

  • Bernard or Damage Dealer #2

  • Shannon or Damage Dealer #2

  • Damage Dealer #1

Here is an example team for this stage of progression:

  • Sigmarus (Leader)

  • Lushen

  • Veromos

  • Belladeon

  • Megan (Can replace with Bernard or Shannon if you don’t have one)

With this team, I recorded over 3,000 GB10 runs with when I was still an early game player with decent runes running the Lushen attack power leader. Here were the results:

  • Average Success Rate: 98.6%

  • Average Clear Time: 1:45 mins

If you don’t have Lushen or want to build an even better team than the examples I listed you should consider getting my Rune Farming Guide, in there I have 60+ teams broken down into a tier list so you will know the best possible team you’re able to build with the monsters you currently have.

The first priority should always be to get as close to a 100% success rate as possible before increasing the speed of your runs.

The only time you should accept less than a 99% success rate is if you’re willing to buy tons of packs and just need to burn through your crystals as fast as possible.

Who are the best damage dealers for GB10?

The top two damage dealer options for this stage is Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix and Lushen, the Wind Joker. Here's why:

Lushen, the Wind Joker

Lushen is pretty much considered the best damage dealer for GB10 from early game to late game you will never replace him, most speed teams even include two Lushens. Lushen is so good for GB10 because his third skill is AOE ignore defense so he can one shot the trash waves with no defense break or attack buff, this will speed up your runs significantly because the trash waves are what makes your runs take so long.

Lushen also has a 33% attack power leader skill you can use once your runes are good enough not to need the HP leader.

Lushen is the only semi-difficult to obtain mon from this team because he is a 4* that you can’t farm or fuse. If you were not lucky with your scrolls and didn’t get him yet you can save all your exclusive summoning stones from events, guild wars, ToA, ect for a Lushen week and summon for him.

Lushen is probably the most important mon to summon for early game progression because he will be very impactful for you in giants, guild wars, and arena. Late game you will still use Lushen in GB10, Arena Offence, occasionally Guild Wars Offence, NB10 speed runs, and ToA speed clears for the lower floors.

Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix

Sigmarus is one of the best first or second damage dealers for GB10 because her leader skill will give your team 44% more HP to make up for the additional damage you will take from removing a support.

Sigmarus also has a hard hitting 3rd skill that is AOE and scales based on enemy max HP which will help speed up clearing the trash waves and burn down the giant boss due to his large HP. Her second skill also hits very hard because it scales off enemy max HP.

Sigmarus adds a few safety precautions to your runs by freezing the trash waves and attack power breaking the boss.

You can get Sigmarus though fusion via the fusion hexagram building so anyone can build her. She is also a good investment because she is amazing for DB10 (the next dungeon you will be working towards) and she is good for the fire rift beast you will need to farm later in the game.