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The distribution company that is powered by Nintendo network for devices like Wii u and Nintendo 3DS is known as Nintendo eShop. In simple terms, Nintendo eShop is the dedicated page for Nintendo switch.

Nintendo eShop was launched in 2011 and in during the first year it provided updated to the Nintendo 3Ds by which there was a functionality added on the home menu of Nintendo 3Ds.

Highlights of Nintendo eShop

When you switch on your Wii U devices and Nintendo 3Ds, you will see the home screen of Nintendo eShop. To view the home screen, you are going to need an internet connection.

One of the major highlights of the Nintendo eShop is that it serves as your one-stop destination for everything.

For instance, with the help of Nintendo eShop, you can see all your downloads and purchases.

Now it has to be noted, that the home screen of the Nintendo eShop can be opened any time even if you are in the middle of the game.

This serves as a brilliant multitasking platform. Well, this might seem an exciting feature, but it is only available in Nintendo switch and Wii U devices.

Another exciting feature is that background downloading can be possible with the help of spot pass. In the present Nintendo eShop, ten downloads can be done at a single time.

The amount of downloaded content can be checked via a download manager which present just below the home menu.

When you finish your download a pop-up message will appear at the side of the screen to inform you that your download has been completed successfully.

Rating criteria

The Nintendo eShop support games which can be user reviews and various other media and applications which support user reviews too.

When you play a game from you have purchased from the Nintendo eShop, you will have the ability to rate the games performance, title and its user-friendliness.

Now, this can only be done only if you have played the game for an hour. Furthermore, you will have the ability to separate the games regarding gender, age and also if they are suitable for casual gamers or hard-core gamers.

Nintendo premium and deluxe digital

On September 13, 2012. During a Nintendo presentation in Japan, the chief executive officer of Nintendo known as CEO of Nintendo opened a new online offering known as deluxe digital promotion and Nintendo network.

The expensive development was limited to North America, and the Nintendo network was made for Japan, Australia, and Europe.

The program was terminated on April 1, 2015, when it started to face criticism from its uses and players.

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There are lots of media, applications, and games available on the internet.

This shows if you are are in the mood for some cool apps and games that are destined to blow your mind. Then going through the home screen of the Nintendo eShop is all you need.

All you need to buy is a Nintendo 3Ds or a Wii U device to enjoy and experience beyond imagination.