Fred Wilder

                   Artist, Poet, Film Director, Engineer. This is the Fred Wilder experiance

Have you been Bastaradged by receiving a letter of basataradgment from yours truly? Then you are now part and parcel of the Bastaridgement Project. This is a mail art ongoing project that began in the year 2023 by the most dangerous artist in the World Mr. Fred Wilder. This progect will culminate in the production of large art book that is a wotk of art in of its self titled" The Big Book of Bastaradigments."  A limited edition art book containg all of the letters ever composed created and mailed by post and some sent by faxcimilie. plus stories, poems, prose, about the project's history, goals, and experiances. this will be a very limited edition book or  artwork  proper each of this edition will be hand numbered and signed by Mr. Fred Wilder.

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