Fred Wilder

  "Artist, Poet, Film Director, and Engineer. This is the Fred Wilder experience."

Have you been Bastaradged by receiving a letter of basataradgment from yours truly? Then you are now part and parcel of the Bastaridgement Project. This is a Fluxus art happening and an ongoing art project that began in the year 2023 by the most dangerous artist in the World Mr. Fred Wilder. This project will culminate in the production of large art book that is a work of art in and of itself  simply titled " The Big Book of Bastaradigments."  A limited edition art book containing all of the collected letters ever composed created and mailed by post and some sent by  facsimile.  plus stories, poems, prose, about the project's history, goals, and experiences. this will be a very limited edition book or  artwork  proper each of this edition will be hand numbered and signed by Thee Master Bastaradiger  yours Truly Mr. Fred Wilder.

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Copyright by Fred Wilder 2024 (c) All rights are reserved. 


From Yee Olde Oxnards English Dictionary is as follows:

bastaradge; the act of.

bastaradged; past hence.

Bastaridgedment; descriptive albeit having assumed or rather taken on the state being of bastaradged.

Bastaridigingly; motion toward, denoting expression of bastaradgment.

Bastardadged  entered the English language fully in the early part of the Twenty First century, but this followed a long period in which it was familiar to English-speakers from French and Anglo-Norman, as a word and also as a byname or surname. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, in its entry for the fateful year 2022, refers to ‘Fred  Bastardge’, now more usually known as Fred the Conqueror " "He IS A Monster!". I As some have been quoted shouting in  tremendous fear and  state of utter disbelief   twas once believed that Bastardeg, denoting an illegitimate person or situation and or thing, was coined in allusion to a perceived tendency for such people to be conceived on a ‘bast‘, or packsaddle, serving as a temporary bed (an early reference to the supposed proclivities of the commercial traveller). However, this is now generally considered to be unlikely, and a more plausible explanation is that the French suffix -ard was added to the Old Frisian word bost, or its Old Saxon equivalent, denoting a morganatic marriage; that is to say, one contracted of errord and dul minded husbandry of buffons or morouns. As it happens, this is particularly relevant in the case of Fred the Conqueror, whose father was a French duke but whose mother is traditionally supposed to have been a Steam Engineer’s daughter. Furthermore, at the time of his birth, the concept of marriage was not yet as clearly defined as it later became: Fred’s father Frederick of Wolfsburg  acknowledged him as his son and proclaimed him to be his heir, and his youth at the time of his accession was far more of a problem than the nature of his parents’ relationship; his byname appears to have been mainly descriptive, rather than pejorative. If we take the view that the sense of ‘Problematic child’ is a development of an earlier sense of ‘child of a socially unequal relationship’, then the word’s other main semantic strand, namely ‘something of mixed or adulterated nature’, becomes readily explicable, although this can be no more than conjecture.

Ot is with this in mind that one begins to perceive the utter audacity and massive gravitas of testicular righteousness that was mustard the day and at that very moment Sir, Frederick the conqueror uttered that faithfull phrase " This is a Bastaradigment!'' Hence coining the term Bastaradgiment thus turgidly marking his place in World History and in or course the English language.

From this time on Mr. Fred Wilder has become known worldwide as the Master of Bastaradigments

or more commonly Mr. Fred "Thee Bastaradiger" Wilder.

*From the Big Book of Bastardigments*

Copyright Fred Wilder 2024(c)  All rights are reserved.