2018-2019 Season

Our 2018 - 2019 Season

The Botcats team had an incredible season! Though we faced a rough start with many unknowns, we were able to come together and learn more than we have before.

We secured a build space in the school for the first time since our inception, worked hard to outfit it with all the tools and supplies we needed, we found sponsors we had never had before, set up classes to instruct our new and returning members new skills they needed, and then began our build season journey!

For the first time, our team was without an engineer. This meant our students took on a huge role in the design and CAD process of the build. We brainstormed, made prototypes, improved our designs, built two robots, and practiced hard for our events.

Even with a busy build season, we made sure to stay involved in our community. We demoed our robot at the local elementary school's science night. This allowed us to show off our program and inform students and parents about our upcoming STEM summer camps. We also assisted with building trophies and stuffing goodie bags for the FIRST LEGO League competitions.

Finally, March arrived and we headed to our first competition, the Orlando Regional. This was an incredible learning experience for the team. Our driver was new and had to work hard to improve himself after each match, reflecting and discussing with our drive team and scouting members. We had a phenomenal time getting to compete with the robot, talk with judges and other teams, and learn about ways to better ourselves! Overall, we ended ranked 35 out of 64. It inspired us to make a few changes for our next event, South Florida!

A week and a half later we headed to the South Florida Regional. We had another great weekend and did a lot on our own as both of our mentors were volunteering at the event! Our drive team did an awesome job working on the robot and adding in a second level climber! We had the opportunity to help out a lot of teams with their programming or parts needs and learn from others too. Overall, we ended ranked 24 out of 64.

Now that we are done with our competitions, we will begin working to grow our team through outreach events in the community, summer STEM camps, sponsor and parent thank yous, leadership interviews, documentation, and our end of the year celebration!

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