Cardiff - TMC FRCR Part 2B Clinical Oncology Course

We regret to inform you that the Cardiff FRCR 2B Course in May 2020 at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata is being postponed in response to the continuing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide.

This decision has been taken in light of the increasing number of reported cases from around the world with an aim to reducing the potential risk to the Indian and the UK healthcare workforce.

We are working hard to re-schedule the event and we will communicate the new schedule to you as soon as we finalise the dates.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Tata Medical Center, Kolkata is proud to partner with Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, United Kingdom to hold the popular Cardiff-TMC FRCR Part 2B Clinical Oncology Course at Tata Medical Centre

The Cardiff FRCR 2B course by Velindre Cancer Centre, UK is the oldest and leading FRCR preparatory course in the UK and worldwide. The course in Kolkata will be taught by faculty from Velindre Cancer Centre. Cardiff FRCR Course supported and contribute to the FRCR 2A online preparatory resource Oncopaedia.

The cost of the course is subsidized for those attending at Kolkata.

A payment of INR 30,000 by cheque/demand draft/online transfer is required for registration.

Target Audience

Candidates who are preparing for Final FRCR Part 2B exams

Practising Radiation / Clinical Oncologists

Course Format

  • Intensive 4-day on-campus course taught by nationally and internationally renowned Cardiff FRCR preparatory course.
  • Viva practise cases and clinical stations
  • Lectures on tumour specific management
  • Bedside skills
  • Breakout sessions (e.g. Radical and palliative RT planning, chemotherapy and other management discussions)
  • Mock exams
  • Dedicated sessions on systemic therapies including immunotherapies
  • Dedicated skin stations with practical demonstration of treatment equipment from UK
  • One to one interaction between candidates and tutors
  • Special sessions on communication and presentation skills

Course Outcomes

This course will significantly help in preparing for the FRCR 2B examination. It will also help practising clinical/radiation oncologists to refine their clinical practice.

  • Candidates will become familiar with the FRCR 2b exam format
  • Develop techniques to approach clinical and viva cases
  • Refining knowledge to latest evidence based protocolised treatment algorithms