Parade Rules & Regulations

Entries: The Memorial Day Parade is open to many different units, including Franklin School bands or music groups, color guards, antique cars, military vehicles, scouting organizations or community marching units who wish to honor our veterans with their participation.

  • All entries must be in good taste, suitable for a family event and show respect to other parade participants. Improper use of the American flag is strictly prohibited.
  • Signs carried or on other items or persons must be specifically related to honoring our veterans.
        • For example, you may say “ABC Company Honors those who Serve” or “XYZ Associates Honors our Fallen Heroes.”
  • Elected officials or candidates for public office CANNOT wear campaign attire, buttons or other advocacy paraphernalia nor can campaign signage be used to decorate any vehicle or other items; nor can campaign literature be passed out while marching in the Memorial Day Parade.
  • Vehicle units agree to provide rides for veterans or other parade participants if requested. Each vehicle must be legally registered, insured and road safe.
  • Car clubs are welcome and are limited to five (5) vehicles per entry. One entry form per club.
  • All entries must keep moving and in line of march at all times. No exceptions.
  • No items may be thrown from parade units. If you wish to hand out items, they must by approved in advance by contacting the parade organizer
  • No alcoholic or other intoxicating beverages or controlled substances may be consumed, carried, or possessed by parade participants during the event.

Safety/Security: Due to heightened security awareness, all vehicles are subject to search. No real weapons are permitted. Replica weapons must be noted on the Entry Form and MUST BE APPROVED by Franklin Police Department.