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Previous Positions

11/2015 — 09/2019

Post-doctoral research associate, ESMT European School of Management and Technology, Germany

09/2013 — 10/2015

Post-doctoral research fellow, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany.

03/2013 — 08/2013

Visiting research fellow, CRESE, Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France.

02/2008 — 10/2012

Ph.D. student of economics (University of Leipzig & Central-German Doctoral Program in Economics).

10/2007 — 03/2011

Mathematics, B.Sc. (University of Hagen).

10/2002 — 09/2007

Economics, Diplom-Volkswirt/M.Sc. equivalent, (University of Leipzig).

10/2005 — 07/2006

Visiting student at Bosporus University Istanbul, Turkey.

Further achievements