Workshops, Installations, & Fun!

From community fairs to gallery settings, conversations about theory to practical educational professional development, my work is adaptable to occasions of all shapes and sizes. In fact, I insist on it—if you would like for me or an installation to make an appearance, please reach out and let's apply that tried-and-true design process toward producing a fantastically constructive addition to your event.

The web is teeming with resources and you may already have dozens of makerspace curriculum guides on your bookshelf, but you are here because you are hoping to offer your students access to 21st-century tools and the playful world of design thinking. Click here for a few of my projects that emphasize iteration, abstraction, and hands-on mistake-making.

A philosophy of Studio/Shop as Play-Space in action. No matter where I find myself, the making will happen—the doodles, the cardboard mock-ups, the splattered paint, the curated assortments . . . I love to employ the design process for its own sake, and honing the shapes and sizes of the pieces of a project so that every square inch of a sheet of plywood goes to good use brings me great joy.