Projects, Activities, & Lessons

I typically work with teachers to develop projects, activities, or lessons that link directly to their classroom curriculum. Sometimes, that means that students are referencing stories or math concepts while getting crafty, learning to code, or whatever it may be. No matter the occasion, I always emphasize iteration, abstraction, and hands-on mistake-making with students by integrating those premises directly into the very structure and process of the projects, activities, or lessons—there is no lecturing going on in my makerspace!

Take a look at the stand-alone example projects below to see what I mean.


Projects that involve circular drawings are particularly engaging for younger students. My go-to lessons use either LEGO motors and bricks, paper plates, and markers; or lasercut discs made to fit a marker in the center, and then additional attachment points for pipe cleaners, craft sticks, etc.

Lasercut Ping Pong Paddles

A middle school favorite - in this project, I emphasize the iterative process and play-testing while many students learn vector-based drawing programs for the first time.

Ancient Village

Working closely with 5th grade teachers, I lead students in bringing their classroom research projects to life with these model villages. Students leveled-up their crafting skills and were challenged to be intentional with their material choices. They also coordinated and collaborated with one another so that their village was aesthetically congruent and teeming with all of the features that, according to their research, an ancient village might have.