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Books in Easy French

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France Dubin

Books in Easy French

Reading a book in French can be difficult, even for advanced learners. France's books are written in conversational French. They are fun to read, and include amusing quizzes and a complete English translation. They are recommended for all French learners.

These books will greatly increase your French vocabulary and improve your confidence.

Petits meurtres français (Little French Murders)

A Murder Mystery in Easy French

Alice, une Américaine qui adore parler français, veut étudier à Paris. Elle passe une semaine dans une école de langue pour les adultes. Les étudiants sont sympathiques et l’école est située sur la plus belle avenue de Paris. Au début c’est le rêve ! Mais son rêve tourne au cauchemar quand madame Douce, sa professeure de français, est retrouvée morte dans la salle de classe.

Alice, an American who loves to speak French, wants to study in Paris. She spends a week in a language school for adults. The students are friendly and the school is located on the most beautiful avenue in Paris. At first, it's a dream! But her dream turns into a nightmare when Madame Douce, her French teacher, is found dead in the classroom.

A Murder Mystery in Easy French

Alice et Liz, deux Américaines, ont décidé de passer une semaine à Paris. Elles sont folles de joie. Elles ont loué un superbe appartement dans le quartier Latin. Elles sont prêtes pour des vacances de rêve !

Malheureusement, le lendemain de leur arrivée, le propriétaire de l’appartement est retrouvé mort dans la cuisine.

Alice and Liz, two Americans, decided to spend a week in Paris. They are overjoyed. They rented a beautiful apartment in the Latin Quarter. They’re ready for their dream vacation!

Unfortunately, the day after they arrive, the landlord is found dead in the kitchen.

Belles Histoires à Paris (Beautiful Stories in Paris)

Petit déjeuner à Paris
(Breakfast in Paris)

Jacqueline, une Américaine divorcée, retrouve Jean-Luc, son amour de jeunesse. Il doit se rendre à Paris dans les prochains jours et lui propose de l'accompagner. Jacqueline va visiter Paris pour la première fois de sa vie. Dans cette ville magique, elle va faire de nombreuses découvertes...

Jacqueline, an American divorcée, meets Jean-Luc, her college sweetheart. He has to go to Paris in the next few days and ask her to accompany him. Jacqueline is going to visit Paris for the first time in her life. In this magical city, she will make many discoveries...

Déjeuner à Paris
(Lunch in Paris)

Six ans après son premier voyage, Jacqueline, une Américaine divorcée, doit retourner à Paris pour le travail. Elle va aussi prendre le temps de visiter cette ville magique. Sans le savoir, Jacqueline va faire une rencontre qui va bouleverser sa vie.

Six years after her first trip, Jacqueline, an American divorcée, is going back to Paris for work. She'll also take the time to visit this magical city. Without knowing it, Jacqueline is about to meet someone who will turn her life upside-down

Dîner à Paris
(Dinner in Paris)

Jacqueline, une Américaine, est mariée avec Raphaël, le propriétaire d'un charmant petit restaurant parisien. Elle adore sa vie à Paris. Mais une tragédie soudaine fait dérailler sa vie parfaite.

Jacqueline, an American woman, is married to Raphaël, the owner of a charming little Parisian restaurant. She absolutely loves her life in Paris. But a sudden tragedy derails her perfect life.

The Merde Trilogy

Helen, une Américaine, veut apprendre le français pour faire travailler son cerveau. Chaque semaine, elle prend un cours de français. Elle écrit son journal intime en français, capturant les joies et les frustrations de l'apprentissage de cette belle langue.

Helen, an American, wants to learn French to exercise her brain. Every week, she takes a French class. She writes her diary in French, capturing the joys and frustrations of learning this beautiful language.

This book, the first in a series, should be the first novel you read in French!

Helen decides to continue learning French. She is now taking French II and is trying to understand the passé composé. Merde, c'est difficile (it's hard)! Reading her fun diary, we follow Helen's progress in learning the language of love.

Note: this book contains adult language.

This book should be the second novel you read in French, right after you read "Merde, It's Not Easy to Learn French", volume 1 in this series!

Helen and a few of the adults in her French class are going to Paris! She cannot wait to use her French!

Note: this book contains adult language.

This book should be the third novel you read in French, right after "Merde, French is Hard...but Fun!", volume 2 in this series!

Other Books by France Dubin

Une famille compliquée
(A Complicated Family)

John and Becky, two American grandparents from Texas, are visiting their son Joshua, who lives in France with Caroline, his French wife, and their son Guillaume.

After a few fun days in a typical small French village with their son’s family, Becky and John are ready to do some sightseeing. They can’t wait to visit antique shops, a few old castles and a lot of wineries.

Unfortunately, their son has another plan for his parents...

What Readers Are Saying

"Yes, finally a fun and relatable book that makes learning French so enjoyable. I laughed out loud because I recognized these characters/students and followed their adventures of learning French with great anticipation. I was so caught up in their lives that I forgot I was actually reading in French. I enjoyed the wonderful illustrations that increased my understanding. Also I got to learn many words and phrases that would never be in a textbook.

I recommend to anyone who loves learning while having fun!"


"Finally, an introductory book, written in simple French with quick translations available as needed, and designed for adults!"

"I highly recommend France Dubin’s books for adults who want to learn, review, or refresh French. I am grateful to the author for giving me a way to teach French in a fun, interesting, and easy way. Her books allow the students to read and practice French in the real context of a journal written by a woman they can relate to. As they read about her daily life and funny adventures in French class and at home they become successful learners by using real language in their own journal.

If you only remember boring textbooks filled with arduous grammatical exercises and monotonous dialogs please give these books a chance and you will rediscover the joy of learning French."

Marie-Hélène Tedford