3 Ball Tricks and Patterns

Click on the gifs or the names of the tricks below to view the tutorials. (gifs may take a minute to load)

Difficulty is based off of http://libraryofjuggling.com/TricksByDifficulty.html as well as personal opinion.

It is recommended that you learn all tricks marked with a "*" before learning others.

Difficulty is based off of THIS PROP ONLY!

Difficulty: 2
One ball crosses the jugglers body, followed by another ball going in the opposite direction. This repeats.
Difficulty: 2
One ball is going continuously over the top of a siteswap 3 pattern.
Difficulty: 3
One hand is making continuous inside throws, while the other is making continuous outside throws.
Difficulty: 4
A play on the classic cascade pattern. All throws are done as reverse (outside) throws. Essentially the same as a cascade video played backwards.

Difficulty: 2
A 3-Ball Cascade in which one ball is thrown higher than the rest. Henceforth the name 1-Up.