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Dear, Fabius-Pompey Community Members

Big hearts and a community spirit filled with pride by the people that reside within such a large geographic area that we call Fabius-Pompey is something few communities understand. We have a great school, so many amazing community groups that offer services to youth and adults, and people that support each other when needed.

Originally started and organized by a group of Board members from Fabius-Pompey recreation, the concession stand at the “Dome” has been one of the single handed largest fundraising machines for our small community. This stand has provided the best fields and athletic programs for our youth, scholarships to graduating seniors and so much more. One misconception lost over the years is that the dome stand exists to lower the registration cost to families that have children participating in recreation sponsored programs. While this is a benefit that does exist as it reduces recreation sponsored registration fees to families by 50%, the real reason we keep the dome as a vital part of the community is because it is just that, a vital part.

Last year it was the work of many people at the dome that brought in almost $20,000 through this very concession stand to our beloved Fabius-Pompey community. These funds were not used to lower registration fees as most people assume, they were used to help build a concession stand, help maintain the existing recreation stand and storage building, purchase materials to make our fields safe, offer scholarships to graduating seniors, Easter egg hunts for community children, fundraising for school clubs, the senior class, community choral groups, Fabius theater club, food pantries and the list can go on.

Much effort has been made the last few years to keep this vital fundraising machine part of our community. The hard reality is that it is becoming ever so difficult to staff. Our goal is to keep the fundraising machine in the community as long as possible, but we need the community to step up and help make sure we have 25 volunteers for each event.

As September rolls around, please consider donating time to help staff the Dome concession stand. Your service will bring back needed funds to school and community groups. Dates of games as we are notified will be posted on the website as well as directions on how to sign up to serve. For more information, feel free to contact a recreation Board member.


Saturday, January 28th @12pm vs. Florida St.

Saturday, February 4th @ 12pm vs. Virginia

Saturday, March 4th @ 4pm vs Georgia Tech


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