Work With Aaron

Aaron works with volunteer, combination, and career departments to assist with developing effective, efficient, and sustainable fire prevention programs. Aaron has a passion for helping fire departments function at their most effective and efficient level. He can help your department implement the seven disciplines of the Fire Prevention Blueprint. He is available for speaking, coaching, and consulting.

What we do:

We work with your department and community to create and implement solutions to maximize your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

How your department benefits:

  1. By determining your community needs, your department can focus its service offerings and delivery where they will make the most impact.
  2. Utilizing current staffing levels, maximize time, resources, and potential of personnel.
  3. Decrease lost time and spending or demonstrate the need for additional staffing and spending.
  4. Ensure current staffing meets community needs.

How we do it:

Core Services:

      • Community Risk Assessments
      • Staffing Analysis
      • Program Development
      • Service Delivery Evaluations
      • Training
      • Hiring and Assessment Centers

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Organizational solutions for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.