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Referenced NFPA Codes and Standards

NFPA 3, Standard for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems -

NFPA 4, Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Testing -

NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations -

NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications -

NFPA 1033, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator -

NFPA 1730, Standard on Organization and Deployment of Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement, Plan Review, Investigation, and Public Education Operations -

Discipline 1: Know Your Community

The Role of Demographics in Fire Safety -

NFPA report on demographics related to fire deaths -

NFPA Data -

FDNY Data -

Dark Side of Data -

USFA Fire Data Analysis Handbook -

Fire Strategies - Strategic Thinking, Paul Bryant -

A Guide for Conducting a Community Risk Assessment -

Discipline 2: Have A Plan

Staffing and Activities for Fire Prev Organizations -

Plan 4 It , Tim Cool -

Discipline 3: Enforce the Code

What's your facilities S.C.O.P.E? download the SCOPE assessment worksheet -

COAL WAS WEALTH infographic -

Fire Prevention Applications for the Company Officer, Brett Lacey and Paul Valentine -

Fireground Strategies, 2nd Ed., Anthony Avillo -

Understanding Building Construction Types and Loads -

Discipline 4: Conduct Plan Review and Field Inspections

Fire Protection Approaches in Site Plan Review, Mohammad Waseem -

How to Conduct Hydrant Flow Testing, with resources and calculators -

The Art of Reading Buildings, John Mittendorf and Dave Dodson

101 Things I Learned in Engineering School, Matthew Frederick and John Kuprenas

Why You're Stuck In Permitting (and how to get out), with plan review checklist -

What's Your MAQ?, with glossary of hazardous materials classifications -

Sprinklers, where required... -

How to Design a Fire Alarm System -

Testing Integrated Fire Systems -

When is Integrated Testing Required? -

Commissioning New Occupancies, with four phases commissioning checklist -

Unwanted Fire Alarms, NFPA report -

Discipline 5: Investigate Fire Incidents

The First Responder's Role in Fire Investigation -

The Fire Officer's Responsibilities at Incendiary Fires - Firehouse Magazine

Firefighting and Preserving the Fire Scene: Finding the Balance - Fire Engineering Magazine

Fire Cause Determination for Company Officers - USFA Student Manual - Free on-line investigation training

Catching Killers: Fire Investigation - video/documentary

Incendiary: The Willingham Case - video/documentary

Kirks Fire Investigation, David Icove and Gerald Haynes -

Fire Investigator: Principles and Practices to NFPA 921 and 1033, IAAI -

Suggested Contents for the Investigative Toolkit, Debra Hemmerling -

Discipline 6: Educate the Public

School Age Children - The "Fully Involved" Home Safe Teaching System

Youth Firesetter Intervention - Youth Firesetting: A Growing Concern; Top 10 Youth Firesetting Prevention Resources

College Age - The Center for Campus Fire Safety; Campus Firewatch

Senior Citizens - NFPA Remembering When

Workplace Fire Safety - OSHA Safety and Health Topics; NFPA Workplace Safety Resources

Enhancing Fire Department Home Visiting Programs: Results of a Community Intervention Trial -

Conducting Home Visits, with home visit questionnaires -

How to Be A Presentation God , Scott Schwertly

The Atomic Method of Creating a Powerpoint Presentation, Seth Godin -

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael Hyatt

Secrets of Dynamic Communication, Ken Davis

3 Skills to Unlearn for More Powerful Presetations, Josh Shipp -

The Seven Laws of Teaching, John Milton Gregory -

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation, James Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kirkpatrick -

Your Social Media Strategy, with the blog start-up checklist -

Discipline 7: Adequately Staffed

How to Prove You Need More Money and More People, with staffing spreadsheet example -

Recommended notebook for time tracking and management -

The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker

Final Word

On the Construction of Fire Engines and Apparatus, James Braidwood -