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Mode: Binary Options

In this mode, the indicator adapts to trading on Binary Options, gives signal to call or put on the current candle. The informer also adapts to the selected mode.

Mode: Forex

In this mode, the indicator adapts to Forex trading, gives a buy or sell signal and set 2 adaptive take profit leves. The informer also adapts to the selected mode.

Trading Modes

The indicator is equipped with two trading modes. Forex and Binary Options. Switching modes is carried out in 1 click, which provides the ability to quickly react to market changes or decision making.

Introduce: Fox Trader Pro

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A powerful indicator that uses an innovative algorithm that could multiply your profit!

No more doubts and difficult analyzes. Now you can trade better, faster and smarter with high performance Fox Trader Pro.

All the hard work is done for you. The only thing you need to do is just to follow the indicator signals!

Advanced algorithm for calculating the price on each bar, which gives maximum adaptability to any market conditions.

It is based on complex algorithmic calculations of such great mathematicians as Gann and Fibonacci, which gives you the most accurate trend detection, bypassing unprofitable signals in the flat.

Very user-friendly interface. All complex calculations of several thousand lines fit into the signal arrow. All you have to do is just to trust the indicator's calculations, enter the trade and take your profit.

Smart Informer

The indicator informer contains all the necessary information that will allow you to fully understand the market conditions. Depending on the trading mode (Forex or Binary Options), the informer will display relevant information in accordance with the mode.

"Trend Power" informs you how steady the current trend is.

"Market Volatility" informs you how strong the oscillations are at the moment.

"Trend Direction" informs you in which direction the price are going on each timeframe.

The built-in tester will help you to choose the pairs and timeframes that give the highest profit.