Poetry Philosophy

A lot of people's experience with poetry is pretty confusing. They remember being utterly confused by their high school English teacher trying to walk them through the analysis of a poem. Poetry only becomes meaningful when you can connect with it. Now, that can happen when you're reading or studying a poem, but it's only when that poem hits home with something that you know that you can really claim that you understand it. Fox River Poetry Company turns this idea on it's head. Since the concept for the poem you request begins with you, you already know the meaning. The poem communicates it in a familiar but different way. Hopefully in a way that gives you an even better understanding.

Pay What You Wish Philosophy

Fox River Poetry Company believes that the writing of a poem for someone is a valuable and worthwhile act. The business end of that--if you can even call it that--is secondary. Removing the preset price aspect puts the focus on the poem. You pay what you think it is worth. It's that simple.

"Mail Only" Philosophy

Technology is great, but some things are not aided by speed. Poetry is one of those things. When a person sits down to write a letter providing the information to create a poem, they are giving it the attention it deserves. If I'm going to sit down and draft a poem for someone, I want to know that they thought about it. If someone really wants a poem, they'll take the time to do that.

Poet and Founder

Fox River Poetry Company was stared by Paul Wiegel in 2012. Yes, the name says it's a "company," but it's really just him. He writes from his home in central Wisconsin right across the street from the Fox River. He has taught writing classes for seventeen years, including classes in the Wisconsin Technical College system as a call staff instructor.