Foundation Repair Kansas City MO

Foundation Repair Kansas City MO

Kansas City MO Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Your house's foundation is the most significant part of it. Think of it this way, the house is standing erect on a land that has been prepared especially to ensure it stays that way for decades. But what if you start noticing a slight tilt in your house from one angle? What if there is a sensation of your house sinking from one end? What are you going to do?

Having trouble with your house's foundation is a serious problem people face in Kansas City MO. There could be many different reasons: change in soil underneath, extreme weather conditions, lack of prepping before laying the house's construction, wrong choice of material used for foundation, among others. We understand how difficult it must be for you to cope up with this situation and we're here to help you with foundation repair.

We have years of experience with <strong>home foundation repair in Kansas City MO</strong>. With the rain in every season and damp soil leading to sinking foundations of houses, we understand the critical need of a professional foundation repair service. We're enthused to serve all homes located in the Kansas City, Missouri that are dealing with problematic foundations.


Being one of the best foundation repair companies in Kansas City, we offer a variety of services related to home foundations.

Foundation Inspection

This is the first step when performing a foundation repair. Without a keen inspection, we will never be able to identify the cause of sinking and eradicate it completely.

We carry out a detailed foundation inspection at your property; ensuring all details surrounding the area are gathered while keeping in mind the uncertainty of the weather. If your house was constructed on your demand, you may know the foundation material, if not, then there's a possibility you don't even remember. There's no need to worry because our team members will identify the material used and if it is suitable as per the condition of soil underneath.

After the exterior is monitored, we move on to evaluating the extent of damage inside the house, for example, any cracked walls, sliding doors, tilting floors, etc. Once both interior and exterior are inspected, the foundation inspection will be complete and our team will propose the way forward to perform repairs.

Foundation Repair

This is where the action takes place. In this service particularly, the house is lifted using machines to create a small vacuum between the building and the foundation. The foundation is then exposed for further clarification on the cause and effect of foundation damage. Once our foundation contractors understand the situation and are able to look at the foundation, they begin the repairs.

The repair work can include changing the material of foundation from wood to stone and concrete or simply making a shift in the soil underneath. This will prevent any future movements of the house even when there is water accumulated in the soil around your house. It usually takes 2-3 days to complete the entire foundation repair process depending on weather conditions.

Basement Waterproofing

A great way to ensure that water or damp soil does not enter the foundations of your house is by waterproofing the basement. We use a variety of techniques and materials to evacuate any water from your basement and stop it from entering your house. However, one of the most effective and long-lasting techniques is interior water drainage. With this method in action, the system does not let any water accumulate in the footers of your house, rather flow it outwards from below the basement floor.

You can find out more about the kind of techniques we use and choose whatever you feel is most suitable for your house. Our experts can help identify the method that will remain most effective for your house's foundation to stay firm and erect.

Basement Wall Repair

If your house is experiencing sinking foundation, it is most likely going to be visible in the basement the most. Your basement walls will start developing cracks and become dingy. You will notice the paint falling off and the bricks cracking up.

Basement wall repairs include multiple steps, depending on the condition it is in. If the foundation is getting fixed and the cracks need to be cemented again, you may not have to spend a lot to get it fixed. On the other hand, extensive damages can lead to using piers and that can easily cost upwards of $10k. So if you ever notice your foundation sinking, make sure you get it inspected at earliest to get repairs done on time.

What Causes a Foundation to Sink?

The major and most common causes of a house foundation sinking include extreme weather conditions and water accumulation. Since Kansas City MO experiences rains at-least 1/3rd time of the year, water is likely to get accumulated in the footers of the house. If the soil consistently gets moisture from the footer area, it is definitely going to have a shift in its set routine and change its natural structure.

The second reason can be the choice of soil being prepped for the house condition. If you have chosen a weaker soil that can easily be molded, you are in trouble of a sinking house soon. Loam is a great soil that can be used in setting the house's foundation as it does not change shape like clay. However, it is important to make sure other miscellaneous soil does not get mixed with loam, endangering it to cause a shift in foundation.

How to Diagnose a Faulty Foundation?

There may be many symptoms that can help you identify a sinking foundation, however, here are a few common signs:

  • The doors and windows will stop opening and shutting properly
  • Cracks appearing on the walls out of nowhere
  • Uneven floors
  • Small gap in garage door
  • Uneven overall look of the house

What Happens When Repairs are Delayed?

Whatever symptoms you are experiencing with the foundation being uneven, you will start noticing them get worse with time if the repair is delayed. Think of it this way, you will not be able to shut the doors in their frames or open your windows for fresh air because they will be stuck. Eventually, walls start to break and paint wears off from them. If the conditions worsen, there are chances that basement walls will start falling with time. So instead of seeing what happens, we advise you to immediately hire a foundation repair Kansas City MO service as soon as you identify the problem.


If you're looking for a Kansas City foundation repair contractor, call us now to schedule a foundation inspection.