Fossoway and District Community Development Trust

Public Meeting Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 7.30pm

UPDATE: Minutes of this meeting are available to view here.

The Fossoway CDT is holding a public meeting in the Elizabeth Wilkie Hall at Fossoway Church in Crook of Devon and would very much like as many members of the public to attend as possible.

The details of the meeting are as follows:

Public Meeting of the Fossoway Community Development Trust

When: Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 7.30pm

Where: Elizabeth Wilkie Hall at Fossoway Church in Crook of Devon

We hope to see you there!

Please note that face masks are required to be worn at the meeting unless you are exempt.

Some of the ideas that have been suggested so far that the CDT could work on in response to the question: What do you think Fossoway CDT should tackle first?

  • Activities for older children and teens etc, such as a pump track for bikes

  • Some sort of cycling facilities in the park.

  • Build a bike pump track

  • Footbridge over the River Devon

  • Make a flume park

  • Better Internet in the Aldie Road it is very slow and Openreach do not seem interested and yet there are many businesses and families in that road that need fast internet.

  • Youth activity projects eg cycle track, additional playground equipment. Improvement of junction of A977 and the road leading to the school. 20mph speed limit through the village

  • New bridge you propose sounds great!

  • Footpath network signage and information

  • Stone walls along Naemoor road need re-pointing and copes reinstated.

  • Purchasing and re foresting of local land and introducing rights of way through (but with the priority being on creating habitats).

  • The bridge over the Devon. Could the CDT consider a business centre/shared workspace. As office work is changing from office to home working, having a place for locals to meet up and complete work in a shared environment would in my mind help bond the community and reduce work for home fatigue.

  • Toilets and additional court for the tennis club.

  • I don't think reconstructing the bridge that was washed away is the best thing. There are still two bridges across the water that adequately serve the purpose.

  • I would prefer to see the current footpaths around the village having a little more attention as some are becoming quite overgrown and the surfaces are being broken up, often by bikes, and therefore are holding water and becoming very muddy, which may decrease the usage.

  • Better Internet into the Aldie Road, if it gets any slower we may have to invest in some pigeons.

  • Would massively welcome the cycle path from Crook that stops at the Aldie road to be completed, so that it runs through to Kinross as originally planned.

  • The scrub trees at the park car park were never supposed to be there. That was a flat area for a shed, pavilion or container. They should go into a shredder.

  • Foot route to Kinross; Cycle tracks / route from Stirling; Bridge - make sure it's accessible and consider parking; Broadband

Our Aspiration

We aspire to be the shared voice of our community through our members' engagement with the community; facilitating a consultation exercise to understand the challenges and opportunities of the Fossoway Community.

Our First Project - Footbridge over the River Devon

In 2011, the footbridge over the River Devon at Rumblingbridge Gorge was washed away by a storm.

It is proposed that the first project of the Fossoway and District Community Development Trust is delivering the construction of a new connecting footbridge over the River Devon creating a more connected community facility, and enhancing the visitor experience, ecology, natural environment, heritage, and historic significance of this area of outstanding beauty.

Fossoway Community Development Trust


The rural community of Fossoway brings together villages, farmland, and the River Devon. Our vision is to support and improve the quality of life for everyone in the community, for it to thrive and grow in a sustainable way and being respectful of our rural environment. We will achieve this by promoting, supporting and helping to deliver local community projects, working alongside the Community Council and other local groups.

Mission and Aspiration

We aspire to have wide engagement and membership across Fossoway and to act as the `shared voice’ of the community. Projects will be community led, for the benefit of all.

The Fossoway Community Development Trust will raise funds for agreed projects and will manage them until fruition. On completion, the projects will be self-sufficient; if they are able to generate a profit this will help create community wealth that can contribute to future projects.

We will encourage, support and work with existing organisations, so that they continue to deliver great benefits to Fossoway.


Our projects will have the following values for the Fossoway community:

  1. Safe and inclusive: where people from all ages, all abilities and all backgrounds can live, work, play, learn and use our natural and built resources.

  2. Connected: where we have good digital infrastructure and with excellent options for walking, cycling, public and private transport.

  3. Sustainable: where nature is enhanced and improved, for us and future generations.

  4. Enterprising: where people can develop their business ideas and promote rural regeneration.

  5. Leisure: where we can benefit from a range of natural, cultural, and historical leisure activities.

  6. Confident: where we have pride in our environment and celebrate a sense of place

First Project

The inaugural members of the Trust have proposed that our first project be the construction of a new connecting footbridge over the River Devon.

The new bridge would be located just before the start of the Rumbling Bridge gorge, where the previous footbridge was washed away in heavy rainfall in 2011. The footbridge would connect many paths along both sides of the river Devon.

It is felt this project would help connect the community, provide new walking routes, encourage walking generally and enhance the experience of visitors to the gorge and wider area. It would also help promote the ecology, natural environment, heritage, and historic significance of this area of outstanding beauty.

It would be the first of many projects to be initiated and delivered by members of the Fossoway Community Development Trust.

Get Involved

We can only achieve our aims and deliver community projects by having as many members as possible from all parts of Fossoway. Please become members, get involved and help your community. The more members we have, the more we can deliver the projects that matter to us.

Register your interest now using the form on our contact page.