Fossoway and District Community Development Trust

Big Place Conversations

Fossoway Community Council, in conjunction with the Fossoway Community Development Trust and Perth and Kinross Council will start a series of Big Place Conversations.

Taking in central themes such as housing, transport, education, leisure and others, these conversations will eventually come together in the Local Development Plan (LDP3) for Perth and Kinross Council.

This document will determine which spaces in our community can be developed and for which purpose.

The community will have a big say in this. We are also speaking with children, both in the Primary as well as in the High School. This is a unique opportunity for you to let your voice be heard!

There will be three sessions: in Crook of Devon (including Rumbling Bridge and Drum), Powmill (including Blairingone) and Carnbo. You can come to any of the sessions. All of them will be Sunday from 1 to 4.


Please come and let your voice be heard.

Our Aspiration

We aspire to be the shared voice of our community through our members' engagement with the community; facilitating a consultation exercise to understand the challenges and opportunities of the Fossoway Community.

Our First Project - Footbridge over the River Devon

In 2011, the footbridge over the River Devon at Rumblingbridge Gorge was washed away by a storm.

It is proposed that the first project of the Fossoway and District Community Development Trust is delivering the construction of a new connecting footbridge over the River Devon creating a more connected community facility, and enhancing the visitor experience, ecology, natural environment, heritage, and historic significance of this area of outstanding beauty. 

Fossoway Community Development Trust


The rural community of Fossoway brings together villages, farmland, and the River Devon. Our vision is to support and improve the quality of life for everyone in the community, for it to thrive and grow in a sustainable way and being respectful of our rural environment.  We will achieve this by promoting, supporting and helping to deliver local community projects, working alongside the Community Council and other local groups.

Mission and Aspiration

We aspire to have wide engagement and membership across Fossoway and to act as the `shared voice’ of the community.  Projects will be community led, for the benefit of all.

The Fossoway Community Development Trust will raise funds for agreed projects and will manage them until fruition.  On completion, the projects will be self-sufficient; if they are able to generate a profit this will help create community wealth that can contribute to future projects.

We will encourage, support and work with existing organisations, so that they continue to deliver great benefits to Fossoway. 


Our projects will have the following values for the Fossoway community:

First Project

The inaugural members of the Trust have proposed that our first project be the construction of a new connecting footbridge over the River Devon. 

The new bridge would be located just before the start of the Rumbling Bridge gorge, where the previous footbridge was washed away in heavy rainfall in 2011.  The footbridge would connect many paths along both sides of the river Devon. 

It is felt this project would help connect the community, provide new walking routes, encourage walking generally and enhance the experience of visitors to the gorge and wider area.  It would also help promote the ecology, natural environment, heritage, and historic significance of this area of outstanding beauty.

It would be the first of many projects to be initiated and delivered by members of the Fossoway Community Development Trust.

Get Involved

We can only achieve our aims and deliver community projects by having as many members as possible from all parts of Fossoway.  Please become members, get involved and help your community.  The more members we have, the more we can deliver the projects that matter to us.

Register your interest now using the form on our contact page.