Can you find all four locations and be the sole survivor in this reading comprehension battle?

Digital EDUcational Escape by English, Oh My! ~2018

Rules for the EDUcational Escape:

*Once, you and your team are ready to start, CLICK the TIMER BUTTON BELOW. You are NOT allowed to pause or change the time.

*Make sure you look at EVERYTHING on this HOMEPAGE. This page is considered the HOMEPAGE!

*You are allowed ONE FREE HINT. You are then allowed TWO more hints, but they will cost you 3 minutes on the clock!

*If your teacher has given you any notes on this subject, be sure to use them to help you throughout this activity!

Hidden Image



Characters and Fortnite Images-Hand-drawn by Kimberly Crouch of English, Oh My!

Fortnite Wiki-Information about objects from the game

Dextero Article