Take a Trip to the Wild West in Fortnite!

A few days back, an intrepid data miner was snooping around the 6.30 update files for Fortnite, and found something interesting – he had found evidence of a new LTM (Limited Time Mode) for the battle royale – Wild West.

No one knew for sure when it was coming out, but all bets were on the week following the previous LTM, the extremely fun Food Fight. In this LTM, two teams take five minutes to build their forts, with the aim of protecting their fast food mascot. Afterwards, it plays out like classic team-based shooters, a la capture the flag. Except that in this mode, it’s really more like destroy the mascot. It’s a fun new mode that even features respawn timers rather than perma-death, harkening back to the era of Team Fortress and drawing comparisons to Overwatch and Paladins.

It was fun, it was unique, and it was actually sponsored by actual fast food chains. Which is why it’s quite a shame the Wild West doesn’t quite stand out.

Released on November 20, Wild West is the new LTM that actually limits the players into weapons themed around, well, the Wild West. That means there are only four weapons available in this mode – the Six Shooter revolver, the classic Hunting Rifle, and the in-your-face Pump Shotgun and Double Barrel Shotgun. Additionally, for other supplies, only the Campfire, Slurp Juice, Medical Kits and Bandages are available. That means, yes, no explosives! Forts are truly frightening superstructures in this LTM.

Epic Games DID, however, included a new explosive that fits more with the Wild West theme – the Dynamite. Unfortunately, it was removed on the same day due to undisclosed issues. It was restored just a little under a day later, no longer triggering certain issues.

Anyway, the Dynamite is a pretty cool explosive. Available also in the normal Battle Royal mode, the Dynamite has a shorter range than Grenades, and also comes with an absolutely massive five second delay before the actual explosion – more than enough time for any Fortnite player to get out. It’s strong versus other players – 70 damage is nothing to scoff at. But remember the problem about Wild West, with the lack of weapons made for destroying structures? The Dynamite is THE solution to that. The delayed explosion deals an absolutely terrifying 800 damage to any structures caught in the blast, absolutely obliterating the otherwise impenetrable fortresses in this game mode. Better yet, they come in stacks of three per pick up – chuck three Dynamites in three different locations and watch your enemies’ defenses crumble.

No doubt Wild West was made to hitch a ride on the Red Dead Redemption 2 hype train, and in some ways, it does it well enough that Wild West warrants a run or three just to experience it. Perhaps a way for players who want to get better at the four weapons available to practice their skills.

So what’s next for Fortnite? Well, no doubt a Christmas LTM is due soon, so be on the watch for that. After that, a New Year LTM, maybe? With Fireworks as a new Explosive? That’d be fun!