Mounted Turret Drops in on Fortnite Battle Royal!

Fortnite Battle Royale introduces its first ever defensive structure AND weapon rolled into one – the seriously cool Mounted Turret. It’s an interesting concept – it’s a trap item that players can then mount and use as a weapon to fend off their many rivals.

Additionally, Mounted Turrets are only placeable on the ground, so no shooting from walls or upside down from the ceiling (unfortunately…). Fret not, however! The Mounted Turret also makes the floor it’s placed on indestructible! Meaning, your foes can’t just use their pickaxe on the underlying floor to destroy it. Nope! Gotta do it the hard way, by destroying the turret itself, or killing the player using it.

While it no doubt adds another layer to the concept of fortresses in Fortnite, the Mounted Turret, like all weapons, can destroy the environment, so take care not to wreck your own defenses when fending off would-be invaders. And speaking of wreck, oh man – this new trap/weapon hybrid is no joke. It deals 40 damage per shot with a very, very high rate of fire, easily making it one of the best weapons available in the game, able to tear down walls and enemies with ease. It really is too bad that once you set it down, you can’t pick it back up. Thankfully, however, it has a 360 degrees rotation, meaning you can cover your entire surroundings with a sharp eye, open ears and a clear shot. This makes it a rather useful weapon for a sudden ambush out in the open… or for sieging an enemy fort.

The Mounted Turret IS destroyable, however, and with its rather middling range a sniper might be able to whittle it down slowly but surely – or take out the squad around it to claim it for themselves. Any Mounted Turret can be used by any player, even those that didn’t put it down in the first place. An enterprising ninja can sneak into your defenses and ruin it with your own turret, so do be careful. Worst case, this invader can and will turn the gun on you and your team, keeping your own squad from achieving victory royale.

This awesome new weapon can be found in Loot Boxes, as well as random Floor Drops, Supply Llamas and Vending Machines. With any luck, you can get one for yourself and unleash its power on your foes… or hijack one and turn it against its own users.

The Mounted Turret is an awesome addition to a game already filled with other epic weapons and traps, such as the classic Assault Rifle, the dakka-unleashing Minigun, silent Sniper Rifle and explosive Grenade Launcher. Each has its own uses in different situations. Some are better for defending your forts and some are better for taking to the high ground and taking down your rivals down from afar. With every weapon comes a breath of fresh air for Fortnite, and players everywhere would be happy to know the Mounted Turret is no exception.

So hop back on and gun down your enemies today, in Fortnite Battle Royale.