Fortnite Season 6 End Date and Season 7 Expected Date, Battle Pass & More

A Fortnite season starts every 10 weeks. Every season, they offer the players a variety of rewards, such as a new character, weapons, skins, loading screens, emotes and emoticons. Even the in-game currency, V-Bucks, is given by leveling up during the season.

Season 6 has been an exciting season for its players. It started last September 27, with the theme, “Darkness Rises” which was inspired by Halloween and changes in the map were made. This creepy themed season is expected to end on Thursday, December 6.

Season 7 is believed to begin on the end of Season 6, or Friday, December 7, but there is no official announcement yet. While Season 7 theme is still unannounced, there have been current speculations. Some believe that since the release date will happen in early December, the expected theme will be wintery Christmas.

The incoming Season 7 is believed to have a glacial theme. There will surely be Christmas themed skins, and possibly, thick snow covering the map will be one of the changes, too. Also, there has been a rumored Ice Storm that will be heading towards the battle royale island.

Fortnite introduces a Battle Pass every new season to access all these exclusive skins and such. The Season 7 Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks which you can buy for around £8 or $10. You can also earn V-Bucks through in-game activities.

There are many ways to get the Season 7 Battle Pass. You can buy V-Bucks bundles when you can’t get away with the challenges.

You can buy the newest starter bundle, the Summer Striker Pack which includes 600 V-Bucks, the Summit Striker Skin, and the Top Notch Back Bling that costs £3.99 ($4.99). There is the Deep Freeze Bundle which includes 1000 V-Bucks with the Frostbite Outfit, Freezing Point Back Bling, and Cold Front Glider that costs £24.99 ($29.99). In this way, you’ll enjoy the extra challenges and costumes that Epic offers.

Earning new rewards can be made with Free Pass, but owning a Battle Pass, which is a premium item, will help you unlock the second tier of elusive rewards. You can receive exclusive costumes, and other special items, that can only be unlocked when you have a Battle Pass.

Battle Pass owners will be more likely engaged to more challenges since it is one of the offered unlocks. These are weekly challenges involving certain types of activities or finding hidden objects on the map. Completing these challenges will help you rank up and earn rewards faster.

You can unlock these rewards throughout the season. When a new season begins, your progress resets, and there will be new rewards introduced.

A ‘mystery skin’ will also be included just like in the last season. This ‘mystery skin’ can only be obtained when you complete the challenges within the season.

Fortnite Season 7 will last for a few months just like any of its previous seasons. It will include 100 Battle Pass Tiers. Epic Games will provide more information regarding the oncoming Season 7.