Fortnite Battle Royale’s Newest Explosive Item

It appears that Epic Games has a surprise in store for the many Fortnite Battle Royale enthusiasts!

With the recently released V6.30, players have access to the Food Fight Limited Time Mode and the new Mounted Turret. There are also new competitive events. Apparently, that’s not all.

Other than new cosmetics and loading screens, data miners have uncovered a secret asset in the recent v6.30 patch—an explosive item! In the latest patch, there appears to be a TNT Bundle Item that will emerge in the future at Fortnite Battle Royale.

Meticulous data miners have combed through the updates in search for new additions and found assets for an item identified as 'T-T-Icon-BR-TNT-Bundle-L'. This bit of news may not be as explosive as the nature of the item, though, as there are already a number of other explosive armaments in the game.

Explosive weapons are used in Fortnite Battle Royale to release ammunition like grenades, rockets, quad launchers or guided missiles to enemy targets. There are rare, epic and legendary explosive weapons that can be found throughout the island.

Sometimes, using explosive weapons comes at the expense of low reloading speed and low fire rates. Similarly, players can even get damaged by the blast if they are too close to it.

Like any good game that is always progressing and improving, not all weapons in Fortnite were made to last. The explosive C4 was vaulted a few months back. Players considered this item to be overpowered and gave it a lot of nerf. Since Epic could not find a balance between the explosive and structure health, it was no longer included in the game.

Looking back, when High Explosives V2 was released, there were a number of drawbacks. One, non-explosive weapons were disabled in the mode. A player could only use the Guided Missile, Rocket Launcher, Remote Explosive, Impulse Grenade and Grenade. Two, the wait time was reduced. Three, the friendly fire was deactivated.

In this mode though, supply spawn rates increased by 100% for materials and 50% for consumables and material drop rate improved by 50%. Loot spawn rates were also adjusted. However, explosives—as their name suggests—blow things up resulting in many severely damaged structures with less control.

If, however, the TNT bundle will function like a remote explosive as the C4, it is expected that it won’t be received well by the Fortnite community. Epic is believed to be arranging the TNT Bundle, which is called Dynamite, to be added to the PvP version of the game.

It is suggested that the TNT will be best accepted by the community if it is something that can be placed down and lit by the player within touching distance. It is also feasible if the item won’t explode right away and can be thrown, only to explode when the fuse is burnt.

Sources of the leak believe that the TNT Bundle may function as the C4 explosives. However, it stands to reason that this addition will not be too similar to the C4. Why would a game developer remove something only to add it back using a different name?

Rumor has it that there will be a game mode called “Wild, Wild West” where players will use shotguns, hunting rifles and dynamite—which are the TNT explosives exposed by the leaks.

The real purpose of the seeming addition of the TNT Bundle is yet unknown. The information at present is only data-mined.

The TNT may still be a work in progress. It may be part of Fortnite in the near future, or it can be shelved and never heard of again. Whether it will really find its way into the game remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Season 7 is upon us!