Fortnite Battle Royale Collection – Just in Time for the Holidays!

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits today. With its eye-catching graphics, colorful visuals, quirky dances and multitudes of weapons and armor, it’s well-known and well-played by gamers everywhere. But sometimes, the players might want something more tangible than the different skins they can wear in Fortnite.

And oh, does Fortnite ever deliver! The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection is a toy line of various Fortnite skins, of which there are easily hundreds currently, with more of both to come in the future. These collectible 2-inch figures are the brainchild of Moose, a company famous for its Moosegear and Moosetoys lines.

These figures are seriously cool, and they aren’t static either – they come with two to three points where you can move them to emulate different poses, as well as their own stands. One thing’s for sure though – they’re always battle ready with their own weapons and Back Bling, increasing the awesome factor by a lot. Each box comes with four different figurines, though there are also Duo Packs available, which have two figures per box.

The first wave of the Fortnite Battle Royale Collection went live for pre-order on November 15th, with the full release due for December. This first set of figures include Carbide, Ragnarok, Skull Trooper, Raptor, Rust Lord, Rex and Raven, each coming with their own weapons and accessories. They’re perfect toys for your kid, or your little cousin, or heck, even for yourself. Put them on a shelf! Put them on a table! Put them next to your computer as you make your fortress and defend them from the hordes of enemies that try to take you down on your way back to victory royale!

While these aren’t the first merchandise of the popular video game – that would be the Macfarlane and Funko Pop figurines – the small size of the Moose Fortnite Battle Royal Collection makes them really great for display while taking up minimum space with maximum cool.

There are even rumors abound that every skin available in the game will eventually make it to the real world, and with the sheer number of skins that Fortnite makes available every season, it’s not hard to imagine that Moose’ Fortnite Battle Royale Collection will eventually include hundreds upon hundreds of fan-favorite figurines, all unique in their own way. It’s like Christmas every day once the figures are in full production!

So what could be next for Moose? Well, there are still the multitudes of vehicles available to use in-game, all with fantastic and awesome designs. Maybe the classic All Terrain Kart will be the first of this new vehicle line? Perhaps a toy version of the plane that carries you to the battlefield? Oh, how about replicas of the weapons themselves? It’d be cool to carry around the ever-present pickaxe with you. In any case, the first wave of Fortnite Battle Royale Collection is available right now for pre-order on Amazon, but Moose has assured that they’ll be available in retailers everywhere.

So watch out for these dropping in near you!