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NYC Parks Without Borders Corner Entry

NYC Parks Without Borders Corner Entry Design

NYC Parks Without Borders Corner Entry

Watch the video and listen to Landmarks Preservation Commissioners' comments on the Parks Without Borders design for Fort Greene Park. (9/19/ 2017)

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“Olmsted plan really denies that type of pointed corners.” Commissioner Adi Shamir-Baron questions whether the PWB proposal serves its purpose to honor the original design intent by Olmsted.

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“There seems to be a large gathering” at the mounds based on the handout provided by residents from the community. (Contrary to NYC Parks statement that says the mounds are unused.) The plaza is more like a passage.

“Obviously if you are saying that I can perform any programs on a passageway. That’s true. However, that’s not what Olmsted intended." (Olmsted designated the space for social gatherings.)

“I don’t see this as very friendly in the middle for the public gathering”

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Commissioner Adi Shamir-Baron Definitely support restoration, repair of pavement and infrastructure, but ”I am absolutely against, and can’t understand the reason for entry, and the reinforced axiality of the entrance from the street, from the corner, into this park. It seems to be against every one of the historic moments in the design of the park including, I would say, McKim, Mead & White.”

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Commissioner Adi Shamir-Baron

“Entering a park at the corner is antithetical to all the approaches, I am going to say even to McKim, Mead & White, but clearly, to Olmsted.”

“The park as an oasis that you enter in, not as a boulevard in order to understand this type of monument...”

“You enter in repose with space for contemplation and wandering.”

“I really feel very strongly that no entering on axis with the monument.”

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Commissioner Kim Vauss talks about the design of monuments in parks. A park is often the first thing people use, and then they see the monument.

The Parks Without Borders design proposal is too much like a tomb, taking away nature. Over time, people get used to the park as a community. It’s hard to go back to put the monument front and center again.

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“I agree with what Adi is saying... There is no case where a built version of this park had an entry on the angle. Even if the most grand public, ceremonial vision by Olmsted … was not, it had a pavilion that blocked the entry at the corner.” “ at the entry that clearly was meant to allow you to see it, frame it, but not go there.”

“The reason that the McKim, Mead & White plan was never built… There might be a good reason for that.”

(Note: The PWB proposal was based on the said unbuilt plan.)

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“Just in terms of what we can offer as a potential guidelines for their (Parks Without Borders) if they were to investigate further, unless everyone is in agreement that this is to be approved, but would be for an analysis or another schematic that allows for entry at the St. Edwards and Myrtle … those ways in, rather than through the end of that corner. Alter the quality and the relationship with the mounds, yes or no, to this kind of more usable, contained, restrained from the corner, from the street view.”

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