In a world where love is lost, only love's first kiss can break the curse


Heather should have married Jayden years ago, but a witch at the Salem Witch Trials cursed her and now she keeps choosing Kieran. When Heather meets Kieran, she does not realise the dark shadows in her peripheral vision is connected to him. Shadows waiting for her to choose him. Jayden has loved her all these years, even though the curse has kept them apart. What is a guy to do to get the girl he loves to choose him? Only true love's first kiss can break the curse. FIRST CHAPTER


Love's first kiss broke the curse, but Kieran will stop at nothing to get Heather back - even summon Katherine from the dead. Katherine altered the fabric of the universe when she cursed Heather, Jayden and Kieran at the Salem Witch Trials. Now it could start all over again. Dark shadows and evil plots surround Heather, and on top of everything she cannot look Kieran in the eyes after she kissed Jayden. Heather can trust no one - not even the boy she loves. FIRST CHAPTER


The third episode in a captivating series about magic, in a world where love is lost. In a different time. A different place. Where Heather knows everything while Kieran and Jayden know nothing. Can Heather get her true love to fall in love with her before every leaf falls from the tree under which Michaila lives? MORE INFO