Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a loving home & quality care to special animals including those surrendered, abandoned or with illness, injury or handicap, pregnant/nursing mom cats and orphaned kittens until placed in their forever home. We believe all animals deserve a good life with love and compassion!

Forever Home Pet Rescue is a small, 501c3, not-for-profit, home based facility. Our vision is to contribute to a world through kindness to animals and to bring about a time when every animal has a loving home. The rescue is licensed by the State of Kansas and owned by Deb Ghere & Kelly Ghere.

Forever Home Pet Rescue’s No-Kill Shelter Agreement

Our rescue is committed to saving every animal in our care who can be saved. We do not euthanize healthy or treatable pets even at an owner’s request. We only euthanize a pet if a veterinarian has assessed that there is no chance of recovering an acceptable quality of life, or it would be clearly inhumane or unsafe not to do so immediately.

We take in many special needs animals that often arrive with compromised health and neonatal kittens who have fragile immune systems. We make every effort to treat and care for these animals, but some lives are still lost despite those efforts.

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