Forensic Accounting and Investigative Services

Do you need a Forensic Accountant?

  • Have you been charged with a criminal offence of a financial nature?
  • Do you want to report a fraud to the police?
  • Are you missing valuable assets?
  • Do you suspect fraud, theft or other unusual activity within your business?
  • Do you need a fraud audit?
  • Are you involved in a business contract dispute?
  • Are you submitting or have you been denied an insurance claim relating to fraud?
  • Are you involved in a financial lawsuit with fraud allegations as plaintiff or defendant?
  • Are you having problems with an employee, vendor or supplier?
  • Are you a Police or Government agency contemplating a financial investigation?
  • Do you need to reduce your risk of exposure to fraud?
  • Are you concerned about Canadian Auditing Standard (CAS) 240?
  • Do you need fraud prevention training?

About Me-David Malamed (CPA, CA, DIFA, CPA (IL), CFE, CFI, CFF)

I am an experienced court qualified Canadian forensic accounting and investigative expert. I have significant criminal court and civil experience (for both plaintiff and defendant). I am proudest for having served my community (for ten year) as the external Forensic Accountant for the Toronto Police White Collar Crime and Asset Forfeiture Divisions. I have also helped public and private clients investigate fraud allegations, recover losses and meet regulatory enforced mandated investigations and reporting requirements. I have a significant support team. We mandate efficiency, collaboration and excellence. I regularly publish articles and thought leadership.

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