Forbes India Brand Connect Promotion

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Advantage of Branding Using High Authority Sites

High authority sites like Forbes India are trusted by search engines like Google and therefore posts made on such platforms tend to rank high in the search engines which means more visitors and more sales. Also, high authority sites have strong monthly traffic which aids in getting more eyeballs to the product/service/profile mentioned on such platforms. Most high-end PR agencies try to secure premium publications for their clients as they know that the impact of such high-end publications is way more than general sites.

Even though the charges for getting an article published on Forbes India are high, they are still worth the cost as the return on investment is much bigger and the branding power that comes with it is incomparable. Paid posts on Forbes India are clearly labeled as advertisements (at the bottom) to ensure transparency.

Backlinks from such sites are of immense value as Google considers authority backlinks as a good signal in deciding the positioning of a website. So, not only the article posted on such platforms tend to benefit the business/service, but the links to the website also help in pushing the website up in search engines which is an added advantage.