MIA - Glycol Freeze

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Waters Mechanical is in the business of solving piping problems for many different types of systems in commercial buildings, utilities, data centers, hospital and other similar applications. When, for example, a chilled water system is in operation and needs modification and/or repairs WMI can get the job done with minimal or no down time utilizing our pipe freezing process.

Our aluminum freeze jackets use liquid nitrogen and allow us to isolate pumps, valves, and equipment by forming an ice plug in the existing pipe. We then hold the ice plug(s) while the new valve (or any item) is replaced, repaired, installed or modified.

We have used this system to isolate chilled water systems, condenser water systems, glycol systems, domestic cold/hot water piping, fuel oil, and fire sprinkler lines.

To give you an idea how fast we can obtain a freeze plug; an eight inch chilled water line can be frozen in as little as 35 minutes. To date our largest pipe freezes have been 24" nominal pipe size and include glycol and condenser water on these larger sizes. The 24" condenser water freeze was off a 48" main to isolate the pump to keep the rest of the system operational.

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Update 12-12-2020