The Friends of Priors Hill Copse

Since 2008, when the friends first were formed, they have been caring for this small but precious area of Ancient Woodland, owned by Hound Parish.

The copse had been largely neglected since the 1960s, due to a lack of financial and other resources. As a result it became choked with holly and shaded out by a thick canopy of leaves. Since 2008 we have removed that invasive holly and felled over 150 trees. As a result more light reaches the woodland floor and biodiversity is recovering.

By demonstrating the unique qualities of Priors Hill Copse we were able to raise over £60,000 in grants and assistance.

Despite our continuing work the holly is persistent. Apart from some retained specimen bushes we keep cutting back any regrowth. Bracken too has to be kept in check and any brambles overgrowing the paths are removed. It's a long term project which will be passed from generation to generation.

Every month a group of 'friends' meet up and plan a workday. There's plenty to do, followed by a nice cup of coffee and a chat .

We are always looking for new volunteers to join us and carry on the rewarding work.

If you are interested in coming along, or joining the group as a member, just call :

Jenny Gatland : Secretary - 07503 150420

Mike Presswell : Chairman - 07484171019

Next meeting Wednesday 2nd February 2022 10:00 am, Allotment 1, Butlocks Heath

Planting whips in the copse, mulching orchard trees, reducing height of orchard trees, cutting back brambles, planting bulbs by wildlife pond.

Next meeting Wednesday 9th March 2020 10:00 am, Allotment 1. Butlocks Heath

Haloing emerging saplings in copse. Cutting back holly regrowth. cutting back brambles in allotment 1, install more flowering plants around the wildlife pond.

Jenny June and John clearing brambles

A winter work day
A well earned break, Les, Rod, John, June and Jenny

Left to rightClearing brambles before bluebell time.

Jan, Les, June, Rod, Jenny, Bob, John.