Here at Footprints on the Moon we have found firsthand the impact that has been recognised in many worldwide studies [1]

We work with many children with Autism, ADHD, physical disabilities and people from all different backgrounds. The impact of time spent outside offers not only the space but the environment for self regulation.

A statement given to us from a parent, on how the outdoor activities have impacted on her child's development.

"Gus has been referred by our GP to physio as he has always been quite stiff when lifting his legs. He knows he is uncomfortable in certain positions and despite our attempts to engage him in other groups like yoga and gymnastics he has been very reluctant to engage and follow what is being asked of him. However we have noticed a great improvement in Gus’ mobility helped no doubt by his involvement in Footprints on the Moon . He is so involved and enthusiastic that he doesn’t realise how physical he is in the group. We love that Gus has so many opportunities to work with other children. Despite much excitement he has shown excellent behaviour and many social skills especially when sourcing and den building with the huge branches and sticks and working together to clear the stream under the bridge. His nursery have commented on how good his problem solving has become. "

Regardless of any form of disability we all need that time to allow our bodies and minds a chance to catch up with us in the very busy lives we all lead.

Allowing the individuals to reach their own successes no matter how they appear is a magical thing [2].

Nature has no judgements and is accepting of all who wish to be in it. This is mirrored by Footprints on the Moon.