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No two days are the same in the forest. The child-led, play-based nature of our setting means that the children’s interests and imaginations lead our planning of activities. We often plan a day and then change all the plans in the moment when the group discover something, reveal an interest or mood! However, a typical day might look like this:

10.00 : Children arrive. Welcome circle where we greet and check in with one another and remind the group of our three rules: Look After Yourself, Look After Each Other, Look After the Woods. Group game played in the woodland, using our social skills, keeping physically active and exploring the woods. Exploration of the woodland and nature based activities: bird spotting, bug hunting, tree and plant identification games; assisting with woodland maintenance such as coppicing or landscaping, or splitting firewood.11:00: Free play and opportunity to engage in many activities: firelighting, woodwork, den building, play cooking in the mud kitchen, real cooking over the campfire…12:30: Lunchtime.1:00 Free play and outdoor art and craft, pottery, painting; baking or continuing the morning’s interests.1.45 : Tidy up and circle time with reflection and gratitudes. Get ready for home time.

Hours & Fees

10.00am until 14.00pm (drop off @ Visitor Centre

£20 per child (sibling discount available)