"Our son is aged 10, and has adhd and asd. He has been to footprints on the moon at Plessey Woods on a number of occasions. He absolutely loves it. He loves being in the outdoors, exploring,building dens and relaxing in the hammocks. As a parent who is usually conscious of how my son can become quite anxious quite quickly in different surroundings, it is great to see him being free to safely explore and interact with those around him. The staff and volunteers are so friendly and knowledgeable about the outdoors. Their enthusiasm rubs of my n the children and it is lovely to witness." - Marcia and Lewis

"An amazing adventure! We all love coming to the sessions and my 4 year old is bubbling with excitement before, during and after. He still talks about what he got up to days later. The ladies who run the sessions are so lovely, so full of enthusiasm and endlessly patient! Highly recommended!" - Rebecca and Joey

"Having now used Footprints on the Moon twice for school visits I can confidently say that it was one of the best school trips my class have ever been on. It was fun, engaging and very well planned with every inch of the day packed with activities. Even in the rain, I didn't have one complaint about being wet or wanting to eat their pack lunch early " - St. Bede's Year 1 and Year 2.

"Thank you so much for the sessions you provided for my eight year old son. You were so helpful at reassuring myself as well as B that he would enjoy it. I hand on heart expected a call to collect him as having ASD impacts so heavily on what he does and he becomes so overwhelmed in most social situations. To return at the end of the session and see a bright smile and enthusiasm to show me what he had created and WRITTEN!!(writing is very much not his thing) was very emotional to witness. The sense of pride he had in himself is something I will talk about for a very long time to come." - Julia from Durham