Food Pathways Education

~ Engaging our sense of dependency and purpose through creative food practice ~

“How can we begin to move toward ecological and cultural sustainability if we cannot even imagine what the path feels like?” – Robin Wall Kimmerer

At Food Pathways Education we believe that our relation with food and food practice directly shapes and reflects our relationships with each other and our natural environment. We also believe that the quality of these relationships impacts the well-being of our social and ecological systems—being a direct source, and also solution, for repair.

By enlivening our pathways of relation through holistic food practice, we can begin to sense and see the system we are in—recognizing health and well-being as communal, and changing our perspective of our relationships and role as contributors to the whole. At its core, this new understanding is about care, compassion, and life-affirming collaboration for the well-being of all.

By integrating these holistic, food-based learning practices into schools, universities, farms, and land-based centers, and engaging students and adults in new pathways of creativity, connectedness, collaboration, and understanding, we believe we can transform our educational landscape, and our world.

Sense-making through creative food practice

Our sense-making curriculum engages students of all ages in creative food practice—including regenerative farming, cooking, fermentation, herbal foraging and medicine, wildcrafting, seed saving, cheese making, preservation and canning, caring for chickens and ducks, beekeeping, bread baking, etc. These food craft courses can be taught independently at land-based educational centers, farms, or universities, or implemented holistically as part of a school structure that follows the process of food from seed to supper to soil. Courses can be tailored to your particular organizational needs and focus, with assistance in implementation, training, and ongoing consultation for more advanced programs. We also offer free short workshops to introduce and engage organizations in the foundational thinking and relevance of creating food-based learning pathways.

Offered courses:

6-month Regenerative Farming Program

Caring for Bees

The Art of Fermentation

Herbal Medicine Making

Bread Baking

Cooking in Schools

Schoolyard Gardening

Drink Your Tea

Chicken and Duck Care

Bramble Berry Pie from Scratch


Cooking Outdoors

Craft a Mug

Culinary Herbs and Spices

Natural Cheese Making

Seed Saving

Seaweed Excursion

Healthy Soils and Composting