What is food4life?

The inspiration behind this project

Parul Joshi has had her fair share of challenges in her life. And it is her awareness of these difficult situations, and how it makes you feel when you experience that someone really cares that has been her inspiration and drive to do this.

Feeding those in need has been a vision for Parul for many years and is now a reality. With help and support from those around her and the generosity of the local St. James church Food4Life is now live.

How did it happen?

Parul is a vegetarian and wanted to provide those in need with a hot, satisfying vegetarian lunch in a safe warm environment. Just recently Parul noticed that St James church began a 'Soup and chat' service and so thought that they might be receptive to her idea. If so, then perhaps she might be able to make use of their kitchen facility. After meeting Father Neil it was agreed that the Church would support Parul's project as it is a valuable community contribution.

Parul is keen to bring all the community together and get to know each other. There is also a retirement home nearby and she is hoping that some will come along as it provides a chance for them to meet new people and socialise.

Parul is keen to make clear that this lunch is not just for those in real need, but for all the community, and for those who can make a contribution to their lunch, if they are able, that would be most welcome.

Parul will start with a few friends who have offered to help. It will start from 5th March then 19th March. From April it will be every 2nd and 4th Sunday.