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Good times grill is one of the best sports bars in Kauai and the main aim of this sports bar is to offer the customers with the various delicious meals and also the very best services that will exceed the expectations of the customers. This sports bar offers various types of delicious meal menus and also the specials at a very affordable rate.

One can get access to the happy hours via this best Kauai sports bar and this is available from 3 pm to 6 pm daily. This offer is also available every day of the week and during the happy hour, one will get $2.00 off on all the meals, drinks and wines and beer. The $7 app menu is available from 3-5 pm daily in house only.

This sports bar also offers Wednesday crab night dinner at 5pm. The delicious meal of the sweetest snow crab with the drawn butter, salad and baked potato is available at only $29.

Food Lihue, HI

This sports bar also offers Friday night steak dinner and this is available at 5pm. This delicious meal is only available for $19.50 and this meal consists of fresh cut 12 ounce rib eye steak grilled in a perfect manner, which will delightfully melt in the mouth. This meal will also consist of baked potato and salad.

On Mondays, this one of the best sports bar in Kauai offers Karaoke to the customers starting from 7 pm to 2 am and on Tuesdays; one will get to enjoy the live music with the Kawai and Shelley from 4-6 pm. The swing dancing is also available on this day from 7-10 pm. The no host karaoke is available from 10 pm- 2 am. The customers can easily choose from a wide range of 10,000 songs.

On Wednesdays, the customers will be able to enjoy live music from the local musicians from 4-6 pm. The Karaoke after dinner is available from 11pm to 2 am.

On Thursdays, the customers can enjoy the live music Cruz control and the trivia night starts from 8 pm onwards. The no host karaoke program is available till 2 am at this best sports bar Kauai.

At the end of the week, the customers will be able to get some amazing deals from this Kauai sports bar and the customers will be able to enjoy the end of the work with the Aloha Friday happy hour, offered from this sports bar. The customers will be able to get to enjoy the music from Britt Kinoshita, Alderine and Aaron and pono breeze from 4-10pm and this is then followed by some great throwbacks from the 80’s and 90’s from DJ Jason.

On Saturdays, the customers will be able to enjoy the club dancing from 10 pm to 2 am with the DJ Jason and Jus Jay’s. There is also a cover charge and dress code applicable.

On Sundays, the customers will be able to enjoy the karaoke after the dinner hour and relax with the friendly staffs of this sports bar and enjoy the amazing meals.

This Kauai sports bar and grill offers delicious burgers and also, all the burgers from this sports bar are made from the 8 ounces of the Kauai beef and freshly ground turkey, buffalo a 6 ounce black bean burger, all onto a toasted sesame seed bun. The customer will be able to select from a choice of lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo and the sprouts. The burgers are served with the beer battered and also a choice of sweet potato fries. Those who also want to add salad with the burgers; they will also need to pay additional of $2.75. The prices are affordable for the customers. However, the buffalo burgers are priced slightly more.

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The classic burger from this restaurant will only cost $11.25. For the build your own burger, one can add anything from teriyaki sauce, barbeque sauce and sciracha aioli or wasabi aioli, Swiss cheese, Cheddar, pepper jack, American Cheese, Bleu cheese crumbles, feta cheese and also from fresh jalapenos, fried egg, sundried tomatoes for $0.75 each. One can also add bacon or the sautéed mushroom for 1.50 each. There is also an inclusion of new pastrami burger in the menu and this burger is lightly grilled on pastrami on a classic burger and it is available for only $15. There are also various types of burgers available other than these and these are: Black bean burgers and fries for $11.50, Turkey burger and salad which are freshly ground for only $13.00 and Portobello Mushroom and salad, only priced at $13.

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There are also a great variety of sandwiches available at this one of the best Kauai sports bars, such as: Favorite French dip, hot pastrami, Philly steak and cheese, teriyaki chicken, Cajun chicken, grilled turkey, something fishy etc. and the prices are affordable. There are also a variety of drinks available.

This restaurant is open from 11-2 am daily and the kitchen hour is from 11 am- 1 pm. At Sundays it is open from 8 am during the NFL season.

To know more about their services and menu, one can dial (808) 246-0311 and also email at: One can also visit their website at: