Follow Your Arrow Farm

Welcome to our Farm!

Our family raises Gotland Sheep in Central North Carolina. Amy is a high school agriculture teacher that works with a variety of animals and started raising Kathadins at the school she teaches at. She feeds, medicates, and cares for the day-to-day responsibilities of the sheep. Bruce is a U.S. Veteran who cares for the fields, the day-to-day responsibilities, and anything else needed (including shearing when necessary). Our two children help when they can and love the lambs!! We fell in love with Gotlands because of their inquisitive nature, beautiful silver curls, and their unique personalities. We have enjoyed raising them and hope you will enjoy our farm!

Our farm is Homegrown by Heroes certified, which means that our animals are cared for by a U.S. Military veteran , as well as the products these sheep help produce.