Native Speaker Instructors

This is our team of Native Speakers for the term 2021


My name is Raymond Thompson I am the Director of the Native Speaker program. I graduated college from Otterbein University with a Bachelors of Arts and distinction in Musical Theatre. I am a singer here in Germany, and have sung with artist from Sarah Connor to Mariah Carrey. I currently assist the level one kids and love working on theatre projects with them. My lunch time club is basketball which meets every Wednesday in the gym. I look forward to an exciting year.


My name is Christine Lyons. I am an American, and have been working as a Native Speaker here at Charles Dickens for over 15 years. In normal times I run a big Origami Club, that is open to everyone four days a week( follow the trail of glitter and paper scraps), and in warm weather I run a giant soap bubble project. I also assist in various English classes and projects all around the school. These days, along with the everyone else on the planet, my world is smaller. I am running a mini Origami Club two afternoons with the 2eub; I also assist in their partner tongue English once a week. I am doing English arts and crafts with the 1a Wednesdays, and on Friday afternoons in the house two I am doing a bigger mini Origami Club. There is still lots of glitter and paper scraps.

Stay safe everyone! See you on the other side!


Hello everyone! My name is Tracey Duncan and everyone here calls me “Crazy Tracey”. I enjoy working with classes, teaching English and assisting teachers during English hour. I also organize the wave boarding and basketball lunch time clubs for anyone who would like to learn or simply just have fun.

My motto is B.A.N.G. Believe And Never Give up. The up is silent for staying away from negative things or people. So, if you see me around school feel free to ask me about my activities I’ll be happy to speak to you.



I‘m Nigel and currently with the 2 eu A both helping out in English lessons and in Freetime where I see my role as getting the kids talking English without any anxiety that they might have in a normal lesson. I do this by playing games and doing kraftwork in a casual atmosphere. I also read an English story whilst they eat ‘afternoon snack’. Ive been with this team of teachers and Erziehern for many years now and try to compliment their work. In the lunchtimes I take the Native Speaker football in the Gym (boys and girls) and am in charge of picking the schools boys teams and taking them to matches.

In my free time I like to try and be active with pursuits including cycling, sailing and swimming in the lakes. My main passion however is tennis where I play in various teams and tournaments. I am also on the Vorstand of my local tennis club.



my name is Tom and I am from London. As someone who is passionate about languages, I'm very happy to be joining the Native Speakers Team at Charles Dickens (Grundschule). Outside of school, my hobbies include football, travelling and theatre!

Library Staff


My name is Roxy Lee. I lived most of my life in Bristol, England, which I consider being my home. My hobbies are reading books, gardening, playing computer games, as well as cycling.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am assisting classes 4euA and 6euB. During the lunch break on those days, you will find me in the garden, where children and I are digging, planting, weeding, and getting closer to nature.

When I am not at school, I am teaching English to kids online.

I feel supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to be a part of Charles Dickens Förderkreis team, and I am very excited to be with you all for this brand new school year!


My name is Danielle and I'm from New York City! I've been in Berlin for over four years and I really enjoy it here. I came here with my dog, Trixie. She's a French Bulldog and she even has her own passport!

I started teaching English about six years ago in Czech Republic. After that I returned to the US and worked in a public high school with English language learners. The school was incredibly diverse and I had students from Mexico, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Burma, Somalia and Thailand. Here in Berlin I teach both adults and kids.

I love taking Trixie to the park, reading (especially mysteries) and classic music. I'm very happy to be a part of the Native Speaker Program here at Charles Dickens Grundschule and look forward to getting to know everyone!