Focus Task

The to do list that motivates

Focus Task uses positive reinforcement to help you get work done. Positive Reinforcement is the idea that rewards will help you be motivated to work. This is exactly what Focus Task does. Whenever you complete a task, the app uses verbal positive reinforcement, along with a points system, to help you do more.

Beautiful on the outside, science on the inside

Science has proven that positive reinforcement works not only on humans, but on animals as well. When you train your dog to sit by giving it a treat, that is positive reinforcement. Focus Task uses exactly the same principals.

It's not a to do list

A to do list is a list. It lets you have very simple descriptions, but is not visually appealing. This is why Focus Task uses a card system. A card system gives you details of the task in an easy to navigate way. Just swipe to see your next task. Also, the design is simple. There is a name (what the task is), a description (more info about the task such as a due date), and a tag (a way of seeing what the task is about). Once you fill in this information, you can see your task in a visually appealing manner.

Always there

We believe that your information should always be there when you need it. This is why Focus Task is completely offline. You do not need to use your cellular data in order to access your tasks. This saves time by not having the app load external data, and it saves you money.

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