How to be More Focused and Happier

There is a famous saying that when you have time to complain about something, you certainly have the time to make the correction about it.

The human brain naturally sends signals to make a person aware about the smallest of issues that bother him/her. This is what we can term as the gut feeling. If we ignore those messages and do other things to cover that small feeling, things don’t up being good eventually. For instance, when you have a relationship issue or something related to your household and you start other things like using social media, play a game or something which doesn’t have anything to do with the real issue, you are actually making it look like breaking the wires of a cars to get rid of its blinking lights instead of fixing the lights. The next thing that happens is that the car breaks down.

Situation can be more problematic when you are a parent. The small issue starts to suck the energy out of you and then you find it impossible to be emotionally generous to your kids. It is actually like a small stone in your shoe which, even with its little size, bothering you so much that it is wearing you down. Eventually, you might end up endangering the relationship and connection between you and your child.

So, consider the second scenario in which you try to fix this little issue even if it is taking your time. You keep fixing it until it is completely done. You will surely feel a lot better as soon as the issue is resolved.

The first thing is to identify if a problem is bothering you. If something is making sad from inside and act bad from outside, it is certainly a problem to be resolved. For instance, if you are not having good mood at a particular time of the day, you can look at the possible triggers that make your mood bad. After knowing about it, you can start caring for yourself while making sure that you are eradicating or avoiding the triggers.

There are a few things that we can list down as tips.

  • You can increase your bedtime to be fresher when you get up. That will increase the level of patience inside you.
  • If there is a pending task which is being piled up and you are not getting a chance to get it done, you can ask one of your relatives or friends to keep your kids for the entire Saturday while you work on the issue. You can pay the due bills or you can work on a project which has been delayed due to lack of time you have.
  • If there is a fellow parent whose company in the playground is bothering you, you can consider changing your timing.
  • If you have any issue with your child, you don’t need to fight with your kid. Instead, you can work on the solution that pleases both of you.