The 3rd Workshop on Functional Materials Science

December 18-20 , 2019 - Sapporo, Japan

The workshop will be held in Nest Hotel Sapporo Ekimae, Sapporo, Japan from Dec. 18 till 20, 2019. The workshop covers fundamentals of functional materials (i.e. complex oxide heterostructures, 2D materials, and their interfaces) as well as energy-related applications of functional properties (i.e. thermoelectrics, solid oxide fuel cells and solar photovoltaic cells). We will cover both experimental and theoretical aspects of the topics. The goal of this workshop is to provide a platform to present and discuss recent advances in the growth, characterization, material design, and property prediction and optimization of functional materials and to bring together researchers, scientists and students to exchange ideas and to foster collaborations. We are looking forward to meeting you in Sapporo!

Workshop Information

Keynote speakers

Prof. Yoshihiro IwasaUniv. Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Ho Nyung LeeOak Ridge Natl. Lab., US

invited speakers

Prof. Kookrin CharSeoul National Univ., Korea
Prof. Sung Wng KimSungkyunkwan Univ., Korea
Prof. Hiroshi KageyamaKyoto Univ., Japan
Prof. Teruyasu MizoguchiUniv. Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Jaekwang LeePusan National Univ., Korea
Dr. Qiang LiBrookhaven Natl. Lab., US
Prof. Hiroaki MisawaHokkaido Univ., Japan
Prof. Hiroki AgoKyushu Univ., Japan
Prof. Si-Young ChoiPOSTECH, Korea
Prof. Minseok ChoiInha Univ., Korea
Prof. Pu YuTsinghua Univ., China

Past workshops

1st Workshop on Functional Materials Science

August 1, 2014 in Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

2nd Workshop on Functional Materials Science

October 22- 23, 2018, in The Westin Chosun, Busan, Korea

Organizing Committee

Hiromichi Ohta Hokkaido Univ., Japan
Hyoungjeen JeenPusan National Univ., Korea
Woo Seok ChoiSungkyunkwan Univ., Korea
Takeshi YanagidaKyushu Univ., Japan
Bin FengUniv. Tokyo, Japan
Naoya ShibataUniv. Tokyo, Japan
Taishi TakenobuNagoya Univ., Japan
Ichiro TerasakiNagoya Univ., Japan
Yusuke KozukaNIMS, Japan
Kosei UenoHokkaido Univ., Japan
Hideo KaijuHokkaido Univ., Japan
Taro NagahamaHokkaido Univ., Japan
Atsushi FukuchiHokkaido Univ., Japan
Hai Jun ChoHokkaido Univ., Japan