Dance, Eat, Learn – ReClaim Your Life Mastermind Event

Reclaim Your Life, Create Your Dreams, Make An Impact, and Have Fun Doing It!

· When is the last time you danced with abandon or just tapped your foot to a rhythm that made you smile inside?

· Do you sometimes ask, “what now?” Or ‘What about me and my dreams?”

· Do you have all the information yet are not creating those dreams of yours?

· Dance, Eat, Learn and Reclaim Your Life Mastermind Group taps into nature’s tools such as dance, movement, nutrition, fun food, learning, connecting to help you reclaim your life, dreams and desires and have fun doing it! We will help you and each other answer the frustrating questions and challenges in your life that keep you awake sometimes.

· Awaken your body and soul with movement! Re-member You! Reconnect to yourself! Learn to eat at the cellular level. Your body, your cells are your real ‘best’ and consistently giving buddy. It just makes sense to take care of it and give it what it needs so it continues to support you! Learn how to heal yourself with food.

· Tap into information and codes to catapult your success…using the group mind! Even God says, “Let Us” to create! Let’s imitate Him!

Come connect with a group of like-minded folks that would hold space for you to create your desires, dreams, visions and goals, then you can make an impact and have fun doing it!