English Language Proficiency

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY - in short, you must be able to use the English language at the standard of "level 6". The rules that I work to are summarised here

"FRTOL Examiners [ .......] can currently conduct assessments for first-language speakers with native or native-like proficiency as well as second- or foreign-language speakers with a high level of proficiency and, where appropriate, award level 6 proficiency.

Candidates not considered proficient to be operating at Level 6 should be directed to a CAA approved ELP testing organisation or an examiner who has completed specialist language assessor training for formal assessment. see this link for more

detail; https://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-industry/Pilot-licences/Training-organisations/English-language-proficiency-testing-and-flight-crew-licensing/"

If you have any doubts about this aspect, please speak to me before making a date for an exam.