Touring Motor Glider

At The London Gliding Club we use the Motor Glider to train glider pilots field selection and landing as well as navigation as they work towards their BGA cross country endorsement.

We also use the Motor Glider to instruct members who are working towards the award of a NPPL (National Private Pilots' Licence).

This page provides details of the NPPL Syllabus and by way of summary has a copy of the Flight Test card. There is a table which compares the NPPL route to flying a TMG on a NPPL compared with adding a TMG extension to a LAPL (S) or SPL.

NPPL SLMG SYLLABUS v4 17 Feb 10 from Andrew Oct 2013.pdf

NPPL SLMG Syllabus

NPPL Flying Skills Test.pdf

Summary of Syllabus

Qulaification routes.docx

NPPL Vs TMG Extension

NPPL New Currency rules.2.MC.doc

NPPL currency rules

Below are LGC documents that relate to the use of Kilo Sierra at Dunstable and some of my own checklists. AS EVER MANUFACTURER'S DOCUMENTS AND PROCEDURES ARE AUTHORITATIVE

Mortor glider falke ks manual.pdf

LGC TMG Operations Manual

SF25C_checks 2.doc

Kilo Sierra checklist

crusie and airfield approach checks FREDA SF25.docx

Cruise and airfield approach checks

Checks compilation SF25 v6 12 19.docx

Checks compilation