I have the pleasure to teach the LAPL syllabus at Cranfield Flying School.

Below there is detail of the LAPL & licensing matters and information about getting started with 'ground school'.

LAPL and Licensing.

This can be a difficult topic to keep up to date with so the CAA is the definitive source - documents and summaries are a guide


LAPL Syllabus

LAPL compared PPL.docx


LAPL conversion info.docx


LAPL keep valid irv lee.docx

Keeping it valid _Irv Lee

Night, Towing, Aerobatic, Sea, and Mountain ratings can all be added to a LAPL.

The ground examination subjects are:

  • Air Law

  • Principles of Flight

  • Communications (see the 'Radio' section of this site)

  • Navigation

  • Operational Procedures

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Flight Planning & Performance

  • Human Performance & Limitations

  • Meteorology

You can study them in any order. I have ordered the above list in the sequence I might suggest – but it is personal preference indeed you could study several at once.

CFS policy is that must have passed Air Law prior to solo, (and you must also have a valid medical.)

How long does it take? Some people take two years and some have done it in two weeks. Self teach is the traditional way but you can also get help trough structured courses, one-to-one coaching and 'apps' see below

The Air Pilot Manual Volume 1 Flying Training [pictured left] is a good place to start as it describes each of the flying exercises. Text books and other materials are available from Transair or Pooleys who have a shop in Cranfield.

If you work best with one-to-one support I have heard good reports about the instruction offered by Kevin O'Neill; text him on 07788 773784.

Apps are also popular, you could try Air Quizz or PPL Tutor