Fluffy Friends Coaching

Taylor Wagner

Fluffy Friends Coaching Owner, Trainer, and Consultant

Hi! I'm Taylor and I love animals! That pretty much sums me up but here is my life story anyway:

From a young age I was just fascinated with all sorts of animals and their behaviors so I worked with them as much as I could. Fish, Turtles, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, if I encountered it, I tried to train it! Each of my pets growing up always knew some level of tricks (yes, even the fish!).

I grew up in New Jersey and Connecticut, where I was always catching frogs, feeding squirrels and chipmunks, and observing all kinds of wild animal behavior. When I was old enough, I started pet sitting and offering to teach my client's pets tricks and basic obedience. After high school, I wanted a new start so I moved to Colorado to attend Colorado State University as pre-vet!

After my first semester, I determined that veterinary studies was not for me, so I decided to finish out my bachelor's degree in zoology with a focus on animal behavior. I took multiple undergraduate animal behavior classes, and was lucky enough to snag a spot in a graduate level dog psychology course! During college, I also volunteered at Animal House Rescue, participating in their canine coaches program. This program required me to pass a course run by an American Kennel Club Evaluator that would then allow me to participate in running play groups, taking dogs out on training walks, and work with many dogs on behavioral issues.

In my time volunteering in Animal House Rescue's Canine Coaches program, I noticed that many dogs were being returned to the shelter because their previous owners did not have the knowledge to help them with their problems. I decided I wanted to educate as many dog owners as possible to help keep good dogs out of shelters! And this is my motivation for offering dog training services to the locals of Northern Colorado.