FlowsCalc for Mac & Windows

Mac download is code signed with a valid Apple identified developer ID certificate, and "notarized" for macOS 10.14 and >

Tested and compatible with Apple M1 processor using Rosetta 2 (equivalent to intel Core i5 8500 6 cores @3 GHz)

Checksum (SHA 256) for "Double click to install FlowsCalc.pkg": ae423c2d42ddcfe25cd1c234700f20a096b2435b2dda71c04eb42269c0cbf740

To verify the checksum of the Mac downloaded file, use this free app: Checksum on the Mac app Store

To get more informations about the ".pkg" file before installing the app , use this free app: Suspicious Package for Mac

Checksum (SHA 256) for "FlowsCalc for Windows.zip": 3df0edde9108202a19f0449a4883c99f4f605b4b992404b2806837f7b750ab47

Version notes

Version 6.1.0 : Added CPU occupation & switches sensitivity settings ( available in the conversions drawer ) to get better reactivity on slow or vintage computer.

Version 6.0.1: Interface adjustments for Hi-dpi display.

Version 6.0.0 : First free release.

Why is this app free and won't be available for iOS & Androïd ?

FlowsCalc can contain very sensitive data such as patient identification and medical drug prescription.

This kind of app must absolutely run in a secure environment, ideally totally offline.

On a connected device, as soon as you’re connected to the Internet, applications can potentially send whatever they want to wherever they want, but you don’t notice anything, because all of this data leak happens invisibly. You can use Little Snitch (macOS) or an equivalent app on Windows to make these internet connections visible and put you back in control, but this not free and needs technical skills.

On iOS and Androïd, these kind of apps are not available, making these platforms not secure enough.

For optimal confidentiality, it is imperative that an application does not communicate with any remote server.

This constraint, when integrated into the design of the software, makes it impossible to leak or collect data from a remote location, thus providing the user a welcome peace of mind.

By extension, an app which does not communicate with any remote server, must be totally free.

FlowsCalc is an "ethic software" and needed 6 months to complete, so if you use and enjoy it, please remember that i love cookies…